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Horse Back Riding in Ojochal

Horse Back Riding in Ojochal Don Lalo, his two daughters and Rum With a lifetime of experience around horses, and fifteen years offering horseback riding tours, Lalo’s Tours have become known as the best around. Whether you are a rider or a novice, you will appreciate the approach he has developed. Lalo takes pride in […]

Shine in Costa Rica And Costa Rica Will Shine on You! - Paradise, beauty

Shine in Costa Rica And Costa Rica Will Shine on You!

Shine in Costa Rica And Costa Rica Will Shine on You! ~ by Perry Gladstone I love to tell stories and post pictures of the beauty of Costa Rica. It makes me feel good to share my slice of paradise. Almost everyone extols the virtues. “Live In Paradise” say the ads, posters and brochures. What our glowing reports neglect to […]

D.A.W.G. is Love

D.A.W.G. is Love ~ by Shawnell Parker You show your dog love in many ways. You feed him, walk and play with him, groom and tickle him and act like a complete, shameless fool to amuse him. You sleep with him and give way too many treats; you cook for him and buy him silly collars, leashes and toys, but […]

Lifeguard Team Captain - Osa, Uvita, Costa Ballena, Dominical

Lifeguard Team Captain

Lifeguard Team Captain ~ by Nate Bright ALVARO CEDEÑO OBANDO How old are you? How many children do you have? I’m 30 years old and have 3 children. What beaches do you work at? I rotate between the beaches in our program: Playas Dominical, Hermosa and Ventanas.  How long have you been a lifeguard? I worked for 6 […]

Humpbacks Whales, Acrobatic and Powerful joyful giants!

Humpbacks Whales, joyful giants

The humpbacks whales, joyful giants, using their massive flukes (tail fins), they propel themselves through the water. Regularly, they catapult their 40 tons of body weight completely out of the water, landing with a tremendous splash. 

Gallinas de palo verdes y negras

Black & Green Tree Chickens

Black & Green Tree Chickens ~ by Jack Ewing In the mid 1970s on a trip to Hacienda Barú with my 10 year old daughter, Natalie, a green iguana ran across the rough gravel road. “Oh my god Daddy, what was that horrible thing?” I laughed and told her not to worry that it was only a green […]