Underwater Photography Expedition

For the first time, Innoceana offers an underwater photography expedition of 7 days at its Marine Conservation and Education Center in Ojochal, from September 19th to 25th. This experience — led by Sylvain Lambrechts, Yulian Cordero, and Laura Vanopdenbosch — will be full of diving, photographic adventure, marine conservation, learning, laughter, and purposeful work.

Underwater photography, macro by Sylvain Lambrechts

What will this underwater photography expedition cover?

Blending underwater photography with marine conservation may be one of the most exciting combinations for all nature lovers. During this expedition, participants will learn photographic techniques and editing tools like macro, wide-angle, Lightroom, Photoshop, storytelling, and animal behavior.

There will be enough time for aquatic encounters and enjoying and photographing above-ground wonders. The activity will include a visit to the Boruca community to learn from them and engage in a cultural photography session with their consentment and a respectful approach. In addition, aquatic journeys depart from Sierpe, where mangrove animals are always boasting about their exuberant behavior.

Underwater photography, wide-angle by Yulian Cordero

Meet the people who will walk with you on this journey:


Underwater photography: Sylvain Lambrechts Sylvain Lambrechts

Originally from Madagascar, Sylvain grew up in Belgium, where he spent much of his life. His passion for photography started when he lived in Asia, where he had the chance to develop his photography skills with the idea of sharing emotions and the beauty of the oceans with the public. With a background in Management, he decided to swap his suit for a wetsuit when he got the opportunity to start his career in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef.

Underwater photography: Yulian CorderoYulian Cordero

Yulian is from Costa Rica; he's the MCEC's Operations Director, where he leads all the aquatic experiences. His lively spirit and laid-back personality turn him into a great teacher, always willing to share his wisdom with passion and kindness. Yulian has been photographing wildlife for years and has spent most of his life immersed in nature. He's talented at understanding animal behavior: a key factor for getting the best shot and engaging in emotional storytelling.

Underwater photography: Laura VanopdenboschLaura Vanopdenbosch

Marine and Molecular Biologist Laura has sailed the seas of the world for four years to dive in incredible places and specialize as a Divemaster in conservation. She is MCEC Innoceana's Project Director and one of the organization's driving forces in Costa Rica.

Underwater photography, macro by Sylvain Lambrechts

The headquarters of this expedition are located in Costa Rica's Southern Pacific, where participants get comfortable accommodations and fresh-made meals during their stay, traveling to Isla del Caño, Boruca, and the Sierpe region. Innoceana's MCEC is fully equipped for learning, community science, and getting ready to dive. If you'd like to get a glimpse of the place, you can find a virtual tour of the MCEC here.

If you'd like to practice and improve your photographic skills in one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, surrounded by ocean-passionate people, contact us at +506 8617 2491 or find more information here.

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