Laguz Lykamo

The night is young – Laguz An artist in harmony with the dream world  Laguz Lykamo describes himself as “a fantasy artist, inspired by the world of dreams on the other side of the mirror,” and continues “Born on the Moon, I came to Earth to hunt the missing fairies, and I will never be […]

Kabe International Academy

Kabe International Academy ~ by Dagmar Reinhard New school opening in Uvita The Kabe International Academy is Uvita’s new learning institution that will be opening in September of 2018. Kabe which means Quetzal in the Boruca Indian Language will have an initial capacity for up to 300 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The International […]

Osa Libre de Plástico, Tourismuskammer, Osa frei von Plastik

Osa free of single-use plastic

Restaurants, bars, hotels, and other businesses in Osa, South Pacific of Costa Rica, adopted the commitment to eliminate single-use plastic within their operations as a way to reduce the pollution caused by this material on rivers and oceans.

Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide #57

Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide, South Pacific Costa Rica Issue #57

You will enjoy tales of great men and women, great initiatives and description of the exuberant diversity of flora and fauna. We accompany you throughout the vast territory reporting also about the festivals that recur in the town of Boruca at the end of each year In Costa Ballena hotels and restaurants invite you to celebrate the holidays in style, under the starry sky and in the light of the full moon on January 1, 2018.

A great Achievement: The Ecological Blue Flag

The Ecological Blue Flag ~ by Melissa Jiménez Kardentey A great achievement The Ecological Blue Flag Award (BAE) is awarded annually to reward the efforts of volunteer work in conservation and development in line with the protection of nature, mitigation of climate change and the improvement of hygienic sanitary conditions for the inhabitants of Costa […]

Find the plastic whale in Bahía

Find the plastic whale in Bahía!

Find the plastic whale in Bahía by Katharina Bertl – Julia Gerber Bahía free of plastic The Festival de Ballenas y Delfines is  an annual occurrence in Marino Ballena National Park in late September/early October. The special initiative for this year “Bahía free of plastic” started an artistic project to make people aware of the […]

Young Hands

Young Hands ~ by Dr. Mónica Alfaro How to keep them soft and sleek Like the face, hands are an important part of the body that might cause a good or bad first impression. They are a very visible area that require care to look good. We not only talking about the length of the […]

The Highs of the Low Season

The Highs of the Low Season (May-November) by Trevor Brown Take advantage of the low season To most people the terms “low season” and “rainy season” are not very attractive. Sure, I enjoy a blue sky day, but I love this season as well for the fact that it is “low” and “rainy.” Here is why […]