Costa Rica is the focus

Costa Rica is the focus

Costa Rica is the focus ~By Annie Drake New Airline for Millennials Air France has created a new division called Joon. Starting this fall, the airline will begin to offer medium and eventually long haul flights from Paris. This new company targets “Millennials”, a generation of 18 to 35 years olds whose lives revolve around […]

Joint actions

Joint Actions ~ Von Rebeca Soto Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Its marinecoastal resources possess a variety of life forms that attract both national and foreign visitors. They are interested in local species and natural events such as spawning of sea turtles and migration of whales. In addition, […]

Darrel Simonson

Darrel Simonson ~ by Dagmar Reinhard Darrel Simonson is from Saskatoon in western Canada. There he was raised, married very young, and had three boys. At times he held 3 jobs to make ends meet. After working in various fields, he joined a multinational trucking group specializing in Moving & Storage Management. 20 years later he […]

GREASE Jr. in Costa Ballena

GREASE Jr. in Costa Ballena -Credit Daniel Areyzaga Jungle Dance and Pied Piper Productions GREASE JR. A few years ago, Sharon and her husband Vee found their Hobbit House in Ojochal through House Hunters International. It was a dilapidated property that they took the challenge of refurbishing. Now, they are travelling regularly from Costa Rica to […]

Villas Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Rehabilitate and Release

Rehabilitate and Release ~ by Licda. Dannia Segura Jiménez At the Wildlife Sanctuary we have a very clear mission: rescue, rehabilitate and release. With these principles in mind this project was created more than two years ago, and we are sure that we have managed to have a positive impact on the community. The process […]

WOWS, natación, Crossing the Golfo Dulce

WOWSS Crossing Golfo Dulce

The World Open Water Swimming Series (WOWSS) offers a global network of races that attract swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, Olympians, marathon swimmers, disabled athletes and people who just started the sport.

The Borucans ~ People of survivors

The Borucans ~ People of survivors ~ by Susie Atkinson The Boruca Indian history contains some very hard chapters.  Through the long duration of the Spanish conquest, they did not give up! The Diquis region (southern border of Costa Ballena) became an important gold mining center, which brought raids and warfare with other indigenous groups. Columbus reported that he […]

Whales and Dolphin Festival, Humpback Whale in Costa Rica, Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide

Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide, South Pacific Costa Rica Issue #56

Each day more visitors are attracted by events like the Summer Festival and the annual Whales and Dolphin Festival. In those days the whale and dolphin watching tour is a fantastic experience.
In a joint celebration in September, many shops and restaurants along the Costa Ballena are offering special discounts to local residents and visitors. This is an Initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Costa Ballena (CACOBA) in collaboration with Ballena Tales Magazine.

Student Arts Festival in Uvita, Costa Ballena, Costa Rica

FEA – Student´s Art Festival

The Student’s Art Festival includes three stages: institutional, Circuital, and regional, in addition to the national participation. In these encounters, the participants present their artistic skills such as dance, choreography, drawing, theater, and music.

Family Surfing, Costa Ballena

Family Surfing in Costa Ballena

Family Surfing in Costa Ballena   By Trevor Brown Family surfing vacations have become increasingly popular in the last 10 years. The equipment has gotten lighter, making it easier to maneuver, and both adults and children of all ages can enjoy taking lessons together. In Costa Ballena, Costa Rica, South Pacific with its numerous sandy […]