Educating about Butterflies

Educating about Butterflies ~ by Melissa Jiménez Kardentey The cycle of life Both for children and adults, butterflies contain endless teachings. For example, there is a tendency to confuse worms with caterpillars, or to believe that spiders are insects. Some even think that if you touch a butterfly it dies or that they are not […]

The Negritos Dance called “La Mura”

The Negritos Dance  ~ by Susie Atkinson A tradition in Boruca called “La Mura” Black slave trade was common in all the Spanish colonies. Around 1580 – 1600 Africans were imported into Costa Rica, and used as muleteers on the “mule road” from Cartago to Panama. Passing through the indigenous villages of Quepos, Boruca, and Terraba, they […]

prepare delicious homemade banana bread. Your family will love it

Banana Bread Recipe

If you bought too many bananas and some of them are already very ripe, Prepare delicious banana bread. Your family will love it.

Welcome Migratory Birds!

~ by Susana García Arrival of the Migratory Birds at the Costa Ballena  During the months of August and September, I always have my eyes on the sky, the sand of the beaches and the river mouths to discover the first migratory bird that reaches our region. Even before the fall begins in America thousands […]

The Kleshas

The Kleshas Change is the only constant in life          ~ by Pilar Salazar The concept of Kleshas (poisons) comes from ancient yoga philosophy encompassing the main sources of human suffering. In the next articles we will analyze each individually. In short, the kleshas are afflictions that cloud our minds and manifest […]

Not a Caiman But a Lizard!

Not a Caiman But a Lizard! ~ by Roel Plecker Beware of confusion Very often I hear visitors say: “look a caiman!”, although our sign marks “Dracaena guianensis or the caiman lizard” also called water tegu. They inhabit seasonally flooded lowland forests, swamps and margins of rivers and streams at the Amazon Basin of Brazil […]

Star Box de Costa Rica, Uvita branch office

Star Box de Costa Rica, Uvita branch office

Now StarBox is your personalized courier experience in the Costa Ballena region! Your very own P.O. Box in Miami. Get your eBay, Amazon, Wish purchases delivered! Super rates, bi-weekly delivery.

Alvaro Ugalde Víquez Marine Reserve, Golfo Dulce

“Alvaro Ugalde Víquez” Marine Reserve ~Von John Tresemer ”SOS … SOS … SOS …: A plea to the Government of Costa Rica and all lovers of the ocean: dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks and all the extraordinary life in the sea of the Peninsula of Osa de Costa Rica is in danger”. This was Don Alvaro’s […]

Savegre Biosphere Reserve

Savegre Biosphere Reserve ~ by Jack Ewing A home for animals and humans UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere program designated the Savegre River basin and much of the surrounding area as “The Savegre Biosphere Reserve”. A truly impressive example of biodiversity, it contains 20% of the plant species, 54% of the mammal species, and 59% […]