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Costa Ballena, Osa, South Pacific Costa Rica

Costa Ballena is the place where the forest meets the South Pacific Ocean in the Osa Canton. It comprises the area from the Barú River, crossing the bridge at Dominical all the way to the mouth of the Térraba River in Coronado.

The following small towns belong to the area: DominicalDominicalito – Hermosa Beach – San Josecito – Uvita – Bahía – La Union – BallenaOjochal – Punta Mala and Coronado. Visit Uvita Beach at  Marino Ballena National Park the famous Whale’s Tail, with a length of about 2296 feet and a width of 820 feet, it is the world’s third-largest sandbank. During the low tide, you can walk to its very end.

Ballena Tales is a Magazine & Travel Guide. Everything you need to know about Costa Ballena and Osa in the South Pacific of Costa Rica can be found here. From tides chart, discovering Local artists under Art & Culture to finding a Hotels in Osa, check out Tourism & Entertainment, we are here to lend you a hand.

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Ventanas Beach 1

Ventanas Beach

What a beautiful spot. You will now understand why people love this secluded beach, surrounded by lush rainforest and lined with palm trees. It mostly has calm waves. The shallow waters are safe for children (always under their parents’ observation and paying attention to the lifeguards’ alerts.)

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local economy - economía local

How YOU can help the local economy

Indeed, most of the Costa Ballena region is dependent on tourism. Given that as the background, we hear from our homeowners, clients, and the social media channels: What can we do to help with the local economy?

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Where does your native timber come from?

Where does your native timber come from?

Most of the construction on the Costa Ballena and Osa Peninsula is done by hotels and second-home builders drawn by the lush rainforest. Native timber feels like an obvious choice: who doesn’t love a handcrafted Cristobal door’s luxury?

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travels by bicycle

In Osa the history travels by bicycle

It is an exhibition with identity, designed by and for the inhabitants of the Osa Canton. It is a temporary exhibition “In Osa history travels by bicycle,” which you can admire at the Finca 6 Museum site, in Palmar Sur.

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teenage monkeys, monos adolescentes

The Strange Behavior of a Gang of Teenage Monkeys

The whole gang of teenage monkeys turned tail, ran for the fig tree, scuffled for a position, and ascended to the crown. Once safe from the mother raccoon, they seemed to lose interest in her, like a person trying to forget an embarrassing incident and pretending it never happened. The monkeys returned to their vagrant behavior, and mama continued about her business with her cubs at her side.

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billetes de banco - banknotes

Costa Rican Banknotes are Beautiful

The Costa Rican banknotes are quite beautiful! All of them pay tribute to the people who made significant contributions to Costa Rica’s history on the front, with the reverse showing the biodiversity with representations of plants, ecosystems, and animals such as sloths, hummingbirds, and sharks.

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Piper Umbellatum

The surprising benefits of Piper Umbellatum

Before pulling it out as an ordinary weed, I took a photo with an app called PlantNet. And in a second, I had its name; Google told me the rest. I am impressed by the surprising benefits of Piper Umbellatum. It is a plant growing in tropical áreas, and you can find it along our rural streets and in your garden. It can flower all year round if there is sufficient moisture.

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Basilisk 3


Most probably, you have seen a creature crossing a stream with high speed on his hind legs. This runner is a basilisk, also called Jesus Christ lizard. Basilisks can do this because of their large feet and specialized flattened toe fringes. These fold out when the foot presses down on the water surface.

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sharks - tiburones

The Secret Life of the Sharks

After four years of research, the first results of the project The Secret Life of Sharks of Costa Rica are published in the Scientific Reports journal of Nature Research, a journal with a high impact worldwide.

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slow cooker - cocimiento lento

The Slow Cooker – Making Life Easier

Enter the idea of food prep and a slow cooker. This contraption is a game-changer in my life. Instead of just throwing together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a banana and calling it lunch, I am eating heartier, more satisfying meals now. I am spending so much less time at the stove and cleaning up after. I make large portions at a time and freeze whatever I don’t eat.

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The stone spheres are a representative sculptural element of the chiefdom societies of the Diquís delta. These artifacts were used as symbolic, ritual, socio-political objects, and possibly as chronological, status, and power markers. Its manufacture constituted an extended tradition, approximately between 300-400 BC. until 1500 A.D. During this period, its production and use reached its maximum development.

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Hello Summer - hola verano

Hello Summer! We Welcome You!

Hello Summer! We Welcome You!
Author: Beth Sylver
I recently took a five-day virtual conference about Equine-Assisted Therapy. Many different presenters, workshops, and training videos wholly opened my eyes to a new way of looking at life. There were three major takeaways from the conference I’d like to share!

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cambio de color - change color

Do it yourself, change color in your home

The best way to receive the New Year is to change color in our homes, rooms, businesses, or any other space.
Changing color can lead to a transformation of the aesthetic and psychological situation. Through colors, we can alternate our mood and even improve behaviors.

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thunder quake, truenomoto

Was That a Thunder quake?

remember during one storm, the thunder and lightning were very nearby. The lightning was so bright, and the thunder rumbled with such force it shook our house. I thought we might be experiencing a small earthquake, but we weren’t . What I felt is known as a thunder quake.

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TARZAN VINES, The Amazing World of Lianas

TARZAN VINES, The Amazing World of Lianas

The Amazing World of Lianas “Hey, look at this. These are cool”, I exclaimed to my hiking buddy. “Look how this one wraps around that tree and then up over that big branch. It looks like a bunch of vines twisted together to make a big rope. Hey, ya know what,” I joked, “this must be what Tarzan swings on.”

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Yoga Maya Uvita

A new addition to Bahia is Yoga Maya Uvita!

At an incredible location, close to the Whale Tail, owner Debbie Krejci offers a stunning space for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), yoga practice, and retreats. Yoga Maya Uvita offers all the props (mats, straps, blocks) for all levels and will soon be offering Intro classes, for those new to yoga, in addition to the already available Yin, Vinyasa (with modifications given). Yoga Teacher Training and High- Intensity Interval classes will also be scheduled.

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Costa Ballena includes the three towns DominicalUvita, and Ojochal.
They have much to offer from yoga retreats, surfing competitions, culinary events to nature walks in the jungle. The tropical climate of the South Pacific of Costa Rica and the happiness of its people make the great atmosphere in bars and restaurants to enjoy a good meal, a cold beer and generally a cheerful evening. 
Come and enjoy!


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Costa Ballena offers you the best surfing conditions: Sunshine almost every day, big waves and a laid-back atmosphere and lifestyle. Especially Dominical has developed into a real surfers' paradise.
The tides chart is one of the favorite pages of our visitors. It is important to know the ideal time to visit the whale tail at the Marino Ballena National Park and also useful for lovers of sports fishing and surfing.


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The South Pacific paradise of Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places in the country and can be reached by transportation companies that offer their services.

If traveling to the Peninsula of Osa, Golfito, DominicalUvita, Palmar or Sierpe, on this page you will find relevant information about Transportation, Car Rental & Repair in the South Pacific, bus schedules included.