Uvita – Bahía Ballena, Costa Ballena, Costa Rica

Uvita in Bahía Ballena is developing by leaps and bounds.  This multicultural community has become an important commercial and business center in the midst of the most beautiful scenery.

You will find sophisticated gourmet restaurants and cozy eateries with typical food, hotels with all facilities, cabins, and eco-lodges with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as banks, supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies, car repair shops, information centers, beauty salons, and real estate offices.

Once you settle at your place of choice, what are you planning on doing with so much sunshine and tropical beauty? We suggest you explore!
Visit Marino Ballena National Park. The famous Whale’s Tail, with a length of about 2296 feet and a width of 820 feet, it is the world’s third-largest sandbank. During the low tide, you can walk to its very end.

Foreign tourists pay $6 entrance fee to the park, and national visitors pay $2. Save your receipt because, on the same day, you can use it to visit the Colonia, Ballena, Arco, and Piñuela beaches, all of them located further south.

Take a four-hour kayaking tour in the national park, you can paddle, swim, and snorkel along the coral reef, walk on the whale ́s tail and enter the mysterious world of the mangroves in Bahía. In one perfect tour, all the different ecosystems this unique marine park has to offer can be experienced.

Excellent surfing beaches are Hermosa, Chamán, and Ventanas. A surfer said: “once you have surfed Playa Chamán; you will never be able to leave Uvita.” That is what happened to him and so many others. On Saturday morning, visit the Farmers’ Market, located at El Rincon de Uvita. It is where the locals meet. If you are an avid reader, visit the DAWG second-hand bookstore located in the only three-story building in Uvita, parallel to the BCR bank.

At the Uvita stores, you can buy everything you need. There is also a sports center, agricultural and crafts fair on Saturday morning, Internet cafes and hair salons.

Adventuring up to the mountains on dirt roads you will find rivers and waterfalls falling from the heights to small pools. The rainforest full of squawking, chirping, and buzzing of cicadas merges with the bubbling sound of streaming water. A bright blue morpho butterfly is bouncing with dazzling iridescent wings. A sloth watches you from above, perched on the branch of a tree. A small bright green frog is also hanging around. Nearly 5% of all the world’s plants and animal species live in Osa, a sparkling source of life.

There are no traffic jams or deadlines, just the Pura Vida lifestyle! Hummingbirds hover heliconia flowers, rays of sunlight pierce through the forest canopy, and the vines turn upwards to find the light. From afar, you can hear the hoarse screams of Howler monkeys and the late day chatter of the green parrots making their way home.

Alice in the Land of Palms Naturaleza Alice en el país de las palmeras
Costa Ballena

Nature: Alice in the Land of Palms

Our French Miss Marple, recently relocated in Costa Rica, discovers the happiness and peculiarities of the jungle in this beautiful country. Nature in Central America offers surprises that give rise to some funny misunderstandings. Alice loves to get up early, she feels satisfied. Beginning at 5:30 am, the sun illuminates the house with its golden rays.

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SOMOS (We Are): Building Resilient Communities

SOMOS (We Are): Building Resilient Communities

Initiatives Lack of resources and infrastructure are most noticeable in two ways. One feels quaint, excited and, at times, adventurous. The other is frustrating and causes genuine concern. When that happens our immediate response is to want a quick fix. For example, “patch the hole in the road” or “send a message” to thieves. The

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Krisa Family Business negocio familiar empresa
Costa Ballena

Krisa, A Family Business

Krisa is dedicated to the manufacture, sale and installation of curtains, blinds, vertical and retractable awnings. Our flagship product is motorized blinds or awnings. This means that when purchasing a motorized product, at the touch of a button, you can raise or lower the blinds from anywhere in the home. You can also add an

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