The Call of the Whales

AUTHOR: Ronja Kötzer
PHOTO: Sierra Goodman

It is a bright and beautiful morning at the end of January when we set off to find the namesake of the Costa Ballena. 

Each of the visitors on this whale-watching tour unconsciously holds their breath to be able to follow any call from the whales. Excitement and expectation are in the air, and the mood is tense. And then, finally, the captain points out to something in the water and shouts “ballena”. A murmur goes through the crowd as the boat approaches the small whale family that has gathered in front of Isla Ballena (Whale Island) to present us with a fascinating natural spectacle.

Let the show begin: with a snort, the humpback whale shoots a surge of fine water into the air and emits a deep, muffled sound that spreads out over the seabed.  

The dark giants of the sea, slowly rise to the surface, the water splits, and the firm skin with its impressive pocks and scars emerges. To crown their performance, the 25-tonne giant shoots out of the water, as acrobatically elegant as one would not expect from a caliber of this size. With a loud thud, he claps back into the water as the spectators breathe out the air, they have been holding in.

Whale jump - Sierra Goodman

Thousands of miles, these gentle giants travel to raise their babies in the Marine Ballena National Park. Thanks to national parks, after years of threat of extinction, the population of humpback whales is now growing again. 

We turn our backs on the mystical Ballena Island, passing pristine bays, embedded in imposing rock formations, and make our way to the landmark of Uvita: the Whales Tail. Here we go under the water to meet the creatures of the sea at eye level. Along the coral reef, we discover all kinds of fish and even a turtle. After this successful snorkeling excursion, we return to the boat where cold water and fresh fruits await us. With a view of the jungle-covered, lush green mountains surrounding the palm-lined beach, we make our way back towards the exit and let these memorable impressions sink in.

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