Seed Festival – Tinamaste 2022

AUTHOR: Vida Autentica Team

Tinamaste has magic, and it is easy to discover the reason. With just 2,850 inhabitants, Tinamaste is a small paradise in the canton of Pérez Zeledón in Costa Rica.

It is enough to walk its lonely dirt roads full of wild vegetation and green slopes where animals seem to be happily grazing. Visit the river of large rocks with its powerful lullaby that accompanies the silent nights of frog songs and stars. It is enough to see its rivers and waterfalls where people like to swim and share with their friends on sunny days.

It is the: hi! when someone greets their neighbors or a stranger; it is the dog that walks with charm, the colored houses with open doors, the yellow mangoes in the middle of the street, the nests of the oropendola birds that hang from the palm trees, the flowers that brighten everything, the most spectacular sunsets, the most inspiring views that make you surrender to the beauty and power of the mountain surrounded by mist and magic.

It is enough to understand that in this canton, friendly, discreet, and conscientious people try to live a life in harmony with their surroundings. I am talking about people who respect, care for, and work on the land. They understand the importance of food sovereignty and the seasons. They know the value and effort behind a product or food grown in conditions conducive to human consumption, free of harmful chemicals. They know about plants, and trees, those who grow plants and food, supply local markets and farmers' markets, and exchange, share, distribute, create, invent, and sell their products and services.

For this reason, the 6th Annual Seed Festival, on June 25 in the Feria Tinamastes location, offered the space to the community so that farms and the public could interact in an environment of awareness to share knowledge and conserve and preserve the value of native seeds.

Seed Festival

This year, the academic theme focused on analyzing Seed Bill 21,087, which aims to privatize the use of native seeds in Costa Rica. 

Before the seed festival, The Meeting in Defense of the Seeds of the Southern Zone was held, where different expert entities on environmental issues from other provinces met to discuss the subject. Ideas, updates, and strategies were shared to raise awareness among Costa Ricans and Foreign Nationals, most of whom do not know of the proposed law.

During the seed festival, people from all over the region shared seeds, ideas, projects, plants, and lots of lively and cheerful conversations.  

Music awakens the spirit of the community, reflecting the identity of their country or region. Great musicians accompanied the more than 400 attendees, carrying a message of conscience, respect for human life, and the right to food sovereignty. Guadalupe Urbina, Paloma Coronado, Chino, and Dj Cor-A-Son made the souls dance with happy sounds under the rain.

Festivals are an essential meeting point. They are open spaces that offer culture, promote values, are a platform for education, help integrate the community, encourage knowledge exchange, and are part of the identity of a region.

For this reason, the Seed Festival consolidates and strengthens its mission to continue promoting a culture of respect for Mother Earth and pays tribute to the value of the hands that grow our food every day.

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