Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide, South Pacific Costa Rica Issue #55

Costa Ballena General Services, Osa, South Pacific Costa Rica

Ballena Tales is always there to help. Whether it's finding transportation or a good spa in the area, we know how to reach them or where to find them! Learn more about the services Costa Ballena has to offer by browsing through our Services Section.

If you happen to be looking for Important Phone Numbers, we have that too!

If you happen to be looking for bus schedules, we have that too!

Medical Care and Health

Personal Wellness

Transport, car rentals, repairs

Real Estate

Food and Beverages

Architects & Construction

Pet Care

Legal and Insurance Services

Home Care and Landscaping

Chef's Corner

Tour Operators

Technology and Logistic

Shopping and Boutiques

Community Services

Important Telephone Numbers for Costa Ballena


Cortes 2788-8030
Dominical 2787-0406 
Dominical Check Point 2787-0406 
Jaco 2643-1631
Matapalo 2787-5312
Ojochal 2786-5661
Palmar Sur 2786-6320
Platanillo 2772-3582
Puerto Jimenez 2735-5114
Quepos 2777-0196
San Isidro 2771-3447
Southern Zone 2787-0369/8811-9043
Uvita 2743-8385
Tourist 2267-8014

Bus Schedules

Important Telephone Numbers for Costa Ballena

Transit police

Jaco 2643-1654
National 2222-9245
Palmar 2786-7824
Quepos 2777-0329
San Isidro 2771-3313

INS accidentes

800 800 8000

INS asistencia carretera

800 800 8001

Municipalidad de Osa

+506 2782 0000

Emergency phone numbers


Golfito 2775-0260
Palmar Norte 2786-6283
Quepos 2777-0308
San Isidro 2771-0333

Alcohólicos anónimos

Alcohólicos anónimos español 8685 9395 / 8824 1840
Alcoholics anonymous English 8634 6495

Airports Phone Numbers

See Service Page Section "Transportation and Car rental".

Ballena medical services See Service Page Section "Medical Care"

Bus services: See Service Page Section "Transportation and Car rental"

Emergency phone numbers

24hr Clinic (S.I.) 2772-7070/2772-6060
ASANA 2787-0254
Accident Reports 800-TRANSIT
Vets: See Service Page Section "Pet Care"
Dentists:  See Service Page Section "Medical Care"

Help For People Robbed 2289-1486

ICE Cortés 2788 8166
ICE Información 1113
ICE International Operator 1116
ICE Averías/problems with Phone Line 1193
ICE Dominical 2787 0123
ICE Uvita 2002 5661
ICE Electricity 24 hours 2771 5126
ICE Phone 1119

Dominical Lifeguards:  2787 0310

Taxi: See Service Page Section "Transportation and Car rental"

Embassies Phone numbers

Argentina 2234-6520
Belgium 2225-6255
Bolivia 2296-3747
Brazil 8383-1904
Britain 2258-2025
Canada 2242-4400
Chile 2280-0037
Columbia 2283-6871
Cuba 2291-1604
Czech Republic 2296-5671
Dominican Republic 2280-4968
Ecuador 2232-1503

El Salvador 2257-7855
France 2234-4167
Germany 2290-9091
Greece 2552-2070
Guatemala 2220-1297
Holland 2296-1490
Honduras 2231-1642
Israel 2221-6011
Italy 2234-2326
Jamaica 2250-6804
Japan 2232-1255
Korea 2220-3160
Mexico 2257-0633

Nicaragua 2234-9885
Panama 2280-1570
Paraguay 2234-2932
Peru 2225-9145
Poland 2234-6024
Russia 2256-9181
Spain 2222-1933
Sweden 2232-8549
Switzerland 2221-4829
United States 2519-2000
Emergencies/After hours 2220-3127
Uruguay 2253-2755
Venezuela 2234-0728

Sierpe mangroves 1

Sierpe mangroves

The mangrove forest and its massive maze and the intertwining of trees and roots is considered to be a critical component acting to subdue tidal surge, reduce erosion, provide opportunities for recreation and serve as nurseries for fisheries.

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Back to the Earth 2

Back to the Earth

In each magazine edition, writers often relate to a topic relevant to the particular timing of the publication. Unfortunately, we are all writing with heavy hearts about the loss of Dagmar in this issue. Her vibrant personality and dedication to this magazine will surely be missed.

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Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor 5

Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor

Birth of the environmental movement in Costa Ballena.
At the beginning of the last century, tapirs, jaguars, white-lipped peccary, red brocket deer, harpy eagles, giant anteaters, and others wandered freely through the forests in the area that today is known as the Costa Ballena and the Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor.

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Stone Veneer Decorations 6

Stone Veneer Decorations

Deco Rock is a family business based in Costa Rica. It opened its doors in 2007 with the passion of creating luxurious stone veneer decorations that create unique spaces that give an atmosphere full of elegance.

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Work in the garden pays off… twice! 7

Work in the garden pays off… twice!

Imagine that millions of people – also many in Costa Rica – pay good money to visit a gym or do other physical exercises using expensive gear while in air-conditioned rooms. But it can be so easy and liberating to work (out) in your garden or on your farm and not go somewhere else.

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