Finca 6

Three Fundamental Pillars in the Management of The
Finca 6 Archaeological Monument

AUTHOR: Carlos Morales Barrantes

The South Pacific of Costa Rica is a region with a deep history of human occupation whose traces date back to the development of complex societies that inhabited the region. The Finca 6, El Silencio, Batambal, and Grijalba 2 archaeological sites are an example of the development achieved by the populations that occupied the lands in the Diquís Delta.

UNESCO declared these four sites a World Heritage Site in 2014 under the designation: "Pre-Columbian Cacicales Settlements with Diquís Stone Spheres." The National Museum of Costa Rica assumed administrative, cultural, and educational management from its headquarters, Visitor Center Site Museum Finca 6.

Including these sites on the UNESCO Heritage list and opening the Visitors' Center in Finca 6-11 community led to a positive change in the mentality and management of archaeological assets and their use.

This has been one of the most important commitments acquired with the declaration. In this context, educational management becomes essential to enhance the value of sites to achieve well-being and social and economic development for people and communities. In this way, both the archaeological (sites) and human (communities) heritage, as well as culture and education, become fundamental values ​​for the management developed by the Visitor Center in the canton of Osa and the region in general.

Finca 6

The headquarters of the National Museum at Finca 6 has focused its attention and efforts on implementing an educational program focused on heritage values ​​as a basis for establishing positive educational actions. This allows all these resources and goods, such as the region's cultures, to be valued. It will promote the participation of people and communities in their conservation and dissemination in such a way that, in the short, medium, and long term. These same people and communities will actively participate as dynamic agents of change in the sustainable management of all these assets.

The opening of the center in 2013 and the declaration of the chief settlements as a world heritage site meant a challenge. There is a need to venture into the administrative and educational management of the universal and exceptional values of the ​​sites.

This is why we have established an educational program based on the values ​​of heritage as pillars for establishing these educational actions. We hope that it will generate positive changes in people's lives in three fundamental aspects or areas:

  1. The thought or mental structure
  2. Feeling or emotional structure
  3. The action or behavioral action or structure

This has been our aim since 2013. Our educational efforts at the headquarters are oriented to comply with this premise. Our experience with the center's education program has been gratifying: for people who visit us and with the different communities of the region with which we have carried out an approach from the museum's education.

We invite you to visit the Finca 6 Archaeological Monument. It is located in the community of Finca 6-11, about 8 km from the Palmar Sur park, on the road to Sierpe. The entrance fee is ₡1,500 for nationals, $7 for foreigners, and $5 for international students (they must carry a valid student ID). Opening hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Come and discover part of our history.

If you want more information about the archaeological sites of the Diquis Delta, you can visit the website.

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