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San Isidro del General Pérez Zeledón

~ by John Bisner Ureña

San Isidro is a world inside a new world in itself; like a Gaudí painting, larger than life, like a chameleon changing its colors during the day and night, in the splendor of its dawn. But never less than an innovative and exciting joy ride – a magnificent trip to a new global trend city of the new Costa Rica, where the past meets the present and gives you a feeling of what the future may bring to the country and its people.

A happy ride to PZ

A happy ride to San Isidro

When the night comes down in San Isidro, you can experience and feel a timeless exhibit of elegance with succulent aromas of food, wines, lights, and eclectic sounds of music that resound all over the place. This rich feeling makes you close your eyes and dream of love in paradise.

Such feelings, lights, sounds, hues, and images that illuminate your human horizon make your eyes sparkle with joy and experience one magnificent view of your surroundings.

What a pleasure it is! What a joy it must be to be back like a turtle that returns to its homeland, and craves everything that was once memories and pure happiness! Like a story any magician can tell you, the impressive city of San Isidro will fill your eyes and heart with joy; it sits in the Valle de El General near the impressive Talamanca range.

San Isidro

San Isidro

No matter what destination you are looking for, you will find yourself deep inside the hearts of “Ticos”, their food, and customs; they are friendly and humble. Costa Ricans are educated and sophisticated and will share with you everything they have with a smile.

Come to Costa Rica and experience the time of your life like never before in the South Pacific of the pura vida! feeling.

Food, adventure and lodging

Nauyaca Warefall Nature Park

Nauyaca Warefall Nature Park

Nauyaca Waterfall Nature Park

Nauyaca Waterfall Nature Park is a beautiful, private nature preserve, that provides access to Nauyaca Waterfall from the eastern side of the falls. We offer clean, high-quality facilities and friendly service, so you can enjoy this Costa Rican Wonder. 

Monday - Sunday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

San Salvador de Barú 11909 Pérez, San José Province, Costa Rica
Phone: 8771 4222

National Wildlife Refuge

Nature Trails
Ecological Tours
3 km from Dominical Beach

Reptilandia Reptiles Park

70 Terrarium and 80 Species

Open 9 am to 4:30 pm
(Fridays is feeding day)
Platanillo de Pérez Zeledón


La Estrella Panes artesanales

La Estrella Panes artesanales

Panes Artesanales La Estrella

Bakery, Sourdough, Artisan Breads

Canaan de Rivas 20kms northeast from San Isidro del General
Sat - Sunday 8 am to 5 pm

massage Magic Hands Spa - masaje Magic Hands Spa.

Magic Hands Spa

In addition to the improvement in lifestyle that comes from living in an environment surrounded by nature, beaches, and friendly people, you can also enjoy a good massage offered by Magic Hands Spa.

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Mission: Saving Dogs and Cats 5

Mission: Saving Dogs and Cats

hanks to our volunteers, donors, and supporters, through the years, we have been able to help many dogs and cats in our Costa Ballena region with community outreach, spay-neuter clinics, rehabilitation, sheltering, and adoptions into loving homes.

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