Help our Community by Promoting the Local Economy

AUTHOR: Dra. Mónica Alfaro

Identifying with your community has a meaning and broad, complex sense: from knowing and helping your neighbors and participating in various activities to helping promote and sustain a local economy. Liking the place, you live is great, makes you feel happy and at ease, so you can enjoy the things and people you bring into your life. 

Buying local or using local services is an essential part of this. 

It allows creating of jobs and businesses that will provide us with what we need to grow and develop into a beautiful piece of paradise and a successful one. One where workers can expect to make a good living and be surrounded by other people who value their efforts, work, and abilities. 

I believe we can all try to improve our place, town, and community and establish better relationships with the people. Sometimes that can mean going out of our way to help someone, but it is well worth it. 

By simply using our local services, farmers‘ markets, supermarkets, gas stations, banks, restaurants, etc., we make sure that these services will continue to be available to us when we need them. More importantly, we will help our community by promoting the local economy.

Community - Local Farmer's Market

Living here for 14 years has allowed me to see how our small town has prospered and grown, how many people come and go, leaving their mark in the community, most of the time a positive one, but one way or another, one that will give us all a chance to learn. Personally, dealing with so many different people provides many learning opportunities on so many subjects. 

One of the most important things I have learned is empathy; putting myself in the other person’s position is, from my perspective, vital to understand them and being able to serve them properly.   Offering General Medicine services, dealing with medical issues in people’s lives, or just giving them regular check-ups to keep up with their prevention and manage their health is always optimally attained when you can feel for the other person. Even when providing rejuvenation services, it is vital to identify the patient’s concerns and why they might want them addressed.   

In my case, I also feel that innovation and continuing education are other ways to promote development. I am constantly studying new technologies that can benefit my patients and try to offer new treatments regularly. Hence, patients can access new state-of-the-art technology right here in our little piece of paradise and have treatment with the professionals they know and trust that are always available to address their needs.

Community - OSA

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