Massage: Bodies Talk

AUTHOR: Physical Therapist Japhet Jones

I remember that some time ago when I was working in San José, a colleague of mine told me about a beautiful place he visited in the south of the country. He even mentioned that he had the opportunity to see whales, the majestic sea giants. As he spoke, my heart yearned to know that place of a dream he was describing with nature so green and colors so intense. I still wonder how a stroke of luck brought me to work on this paradisiacal coast where the sky meets the sea.

More than ever, YOUR WELL-BEING IS MY AIM:

I am a Licensed Physical Therapist with ten years of experience as a freelance masseuse.

When potential clients contact me, my first thought is not about money; I inquire about their needs and expectations. I ask if the request is just for a relaxation massage or if any underlying medical issue needs to be addressed.

Massage - Physical Therapist Japhet Jones

And that is when the magic starts: I prepare my body, mind, and all l need for the special expected moment. I am amazed by the responsibility and trust that lie in my hand; when a client undresses. They denude more than just their body and expect nothing less than respect, experience, and knowledge. In my case, and since bodies talk, I'd like to add my great intuition to the massage process, which I have developed during the long years of my practice, enhancing my job performance.

"What kind of massages do you do?" is the most commonly asked question.

And personally, l don't like to give a list that seems like l will be delivering articles or quantity, not quality. For me, everyone is different, so when l ask my clients about their needs is the moment l decide what techniques l will use to fulfill my client's expectations and desires, and give him the perfect massage.

Massage - Physical Therapist Japhet Jones

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