RECHERCHÉ - Your Costa Rica Adventure Continues

AUTHOR: Blake Sawyer

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Most people that have moved to Costa Rica would say living here is an adventure. The adventure comes in a wide variety of experiences. Many times, these incredible events “just happen.” They are not planned. Like taking your morning walk, something suddenly catches your eye in the distance. You stop, freeze, and joyfully watch a Blue Morpho butterfly coming toward you, fluttering as it passes right by you. Your heart leaps. You smile. After it dances out of sight, you let out a big “Ahhhhhhh.” You just had a “National Geographic Moment.” A ‘spiritual’ experience.

These experiences prepare you for more. Daily you think, “What will I encounter unexpectedly on my Costa Rican adventure? What will I see coming around the corner today?” 

Although a vast majority of these fortunate events are found in nature, you will occasionally have one that involves humans. Like driving down the Costanera, and something catches your eye. Something you know wasn’t there the last time you went this stretch along the glorious Pacific Ocean. It is a building, a structure. No, not just any building. But a gorgeous building, with landscaping, palm trees… and wait… through the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see inside. WOW! You instantly think, “What is THIS doing here? What is this in the middle of nowhere? And paved parking? Who does paved parking?”


You stop. You park. You walk down the Navidad Palm Tree-lined entrance. Your anticipation heightens. Through the automatic doors, you go, and before you take another step, you let out an “Ahhhhhhhh.” Are your eyes deceiving you? Do you have to pinch yourself? Is this really happening? You have an “Architectural Digest Moment” in the middle of the jungle, and you haven’t even begun exploring the store.

You are giddy with delight. Your thoughts run wild. “Oh my, there is so much here at RECHERCHÉ. I have to relish every moment.” The unique items. Everything is so impressive. Stunning. Delightful. Even jaw-dropping. Not just furniture. Not just home décor. But exquisite “things” that make your heart joyful. Your thoughts turn to the reality of what you are experiencing. Costa Rica is fantastic, with its nature, flora, and fauna. You want your home to match the uniqueness that living here provides. You just found the way to make that happen. At RECHERCHÉ.


When you finally leave the store, you think how wonderful it is to live in Costa Rica. The adventures never cease to amaze you. This serendipitous experience made your day.

You are invited to Recherché to experience a different amazing adventure every time you walk through the automatic doors into a world of beauty, design, architecture, and adventure. Only this adventure is different. It does not flutter away. You can bring the unexpected into your home to enjoy it every day, as you make your home an exceptional place for your family and friends. The adventure awaits you!

RECHERCHÉ - Blake and Jerry

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