The Luxury of Minimalist Living in Costa Ballena

AUTHOR: Alexandra Luty

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You probably have too much stuff. Let's face it– many of us are addicted to the stuff. Unless you practice the art of hygge, (the Danish Obsession with Getting Cozy), we can probably assume that you have more things than you regularly use. It's not until you get ready to move and sell the under-used stuff that you realize how little monetary value your possessions have, leaving you wondering why you worked so hard to hold on to them all this time.

Henry David Thoreau said, "The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it." This quote begs the question: "how much value do we receive from our material possessions and luxury?" 

Those of us who moved to Costa Rica seeking a simpler, purer life find that we don't miss having a garage full of things we hardly ever use. Sure, there is the odd time that we want that particular tool, but that is why it pays to keep in good standing with your neighbors.

When it costs the price of sitting in traffic for hours a day only to sit in an enclosed concrete structure with no view, it is not worth the value of convenience for me to be able to receive an Amazon package the next day. The things that truly enrich our lives are not luxury, and they are not easily found while stuck in the 'work-and-consume' routine. 

The luxuries in the Costa Ballena lifestyle are perhaps less tangible than expensive gadgets or nice shoes. But you can experience so much more here while carrying fewer things. Sitting on an empty beach watching the waves break, the last thing I want to be doing is looking at my phone. When walking on a dirt road, I am as happy to be in my utilitarian flip-flops as I am when I am in my evening dress. Simple living here can be just as exhilarating as buying more luxury!

For one, the hot weather by the beach makes it such that we want to wear as little as possible. Better than that, when you are surrounded by so much natural beauty across our dynamic coastal landscapes and the fantastic wildlife inhabiting the South Pacific, you don't want to be too distracted with busy work or spending hours getting ready. 

Those of us wanting to simplify and integrate with nature and community are ready to give up the steady stream of new technology in exchange for the vivid everyday Costa Rica experiences like dunking under a crystal-clean waterfall or taking in a breathtaking sunset view over a lushly forested valley. Now that's a real luxury!

People stuck in the '9-to-5' North American grind will take two weeks out of their year and pay top dollar to enjoy the everyday experiences of living in Costa Ballena. We are blessed with a luxury lifestyle beyond what money can buy. Let's not forget it.

The Luxury of Minimalist Living

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