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Wellbeing Chef Mayron Q Peraza

AUTHOR: Dagmar Reinhard

We interviewed wellbeing chef Mayron at the magnificent nFusion Bistro on the terrace of the Villas Alturas Hotel. The location, with its beautiful views over the jungle, the sea, and the rocks, is unique. nFusion Chef Mayron is from the new generation that loves to create, merging Costa Rican recipes with international ones, always with fresh local ingredients, resulting in exquisite signature dishes. He has studied Gastronomy and Nutrition at the Le Cordon Bleu Peru Institute and ANCH (Costa Rica National Chef Association). He also explores various currents, including Vegan Gourmet by Pedro Prabhu, and admires the professionalism of Randy Siles and Saúl Umaña.

He is a native of Cartago and has been dedicated to wellness cuisine for the last eight years. The heights of the hotel in the mountains gave him wings – he prepares as well exquisite vegan and vegetarian menus and works with live food resulting from fermentation and his own germinated products in the restaurant's garden. The leafy basil is succulent.

Says Mayron: "I feel love for fire in my culinary laboratory; it gives me adrenaline or pure excitement; cooking is something very cultural, holistic, art and science, food is food and medicine at the same time. My food is made with love."

As well, sweet teeth will have a feast of heights. We are awaiting you at the nFusion Bistro – Hotel Villas Alturas.

Wellbeing Chef Mayron

Here is a recipe from Chef Mayron:

Tiraditos of snapper and avocado 


30ml of olive oil.
30ml of mesino lemon juice.
150 g of fresh snapper cut into thin slices.
One Panamanian chili.
1/2 avocado cut into thin slices.
One finely chopped garlic
Toasted bread
Alfalfa sprouts.
Salt pepper to taste.


Finely chop the Panamanian chili and remove the seeds; in a pan, add the olive oil and the Panamanian chili over low heat for 10 minutes to extract the flavor and aroma of the chili, remove and wait for it to cool. In a small bowl add the snapper slices, garlic, lemon juice, salt/pepper to taste, add only the flavored oil and mix gently.
To assemble the dish, we take the marinated fish slices and place them lengthwise next to the avocado slices and roll them together.

Serve them with toasted bread and decorate them with sprouts.


Ballena Tales appreciates that Chef Mayron will continue to contribute healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes so you can impress your guests.

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