Dream Big, Dominicalito!

AUTHOR: Dagmar Reinhard

Pepe is a young man who cares deeply about his community, Dominicalito. His positive energy is contagious and can still be felt long after our conversation with him. It is immediately apparent that his heart beats for Dominicalito's children and that he dedicates his entire life to creating a healthier and more favorable environment for them. He is passionate about his work and presents it with joy and pride. He seems tireless; it is hard to believe what he has already achieved and intends to do in the future.

Who of the residents of Costa Ballena does not know the young man from Dominicalito who radiates 100% positive energy and boundless enthusiasm? Pepe, the same creator of Spicy Life Hot Sauce, is from the small town near the beach. For decades it has been a Tico urbanization where around 250 children live with their families. The little ones were often left alone with a cell phone and TV since their parents worked. Pepe is forging a bright future for future generations, free of drugs and counteracting cultural and social degradation.

Dream Big, Dominicalito! - Pepe

Activities in the water, such as surfing, are experiences that change the lives of little ones and make their self-esteem grow dramatically. Apart from organizing surf tournaments for young people, Pepe's ambitious project is an Education and Nursery Center in Dominicalito. The institution is called Teslito – from Nikola TES-la (1856 – 1943, great futurist inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer) and Dominica-LITO.

Through learning about problem-solving, technology and science, arts and music, new horizons are opening up to children giving them something to look forward to.

Pepe received an abandoned building in the heart of Dominicalito. Thanks to an initiative on GoFundMe (an American crowdfunding platform), he has raised almost $20,000 so far; the goal is $40,000. The facade and spacious classrooms are already painted and provided with power outlets, especially for the computer room. Behind the house, there is a green area for recreation. The neighbors, big and small, are watching with curiosity the constant activity of the Teslito team.

The children are already enjoying classes in their new environments, happy and proud to be part of such an important team.

Visit Dominicalito, and you will see that more support is needed; please donate to the GoFundMe initiative.

Blessings Pepe, Pura Spicy Vida!

Dream Big, Dominicalito - Surf Tournament

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