Who Is up for Spring?

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Spring? This cannot be very clear when you are from Europe or North America, where people are used to the winter at the same time of year. When we moved to the Costa Ballena in Costa Rica, back in July, a little over three years ago, many people said that spring would start in December, and then it wouldn't rain until April. Well, back then, in 2019, that was no longer quite the case because there were still some rain showers within the dry season at the end of December, and thus spring and summer were only really felt from January onward.

Now wait, spring and, respectively, summer starting in December? How is that even possible with Costa Rica being in the Northern Hemisphere and north of the equator? But it is like it is, and you instead accept this peculiarity and enjoy it than try to explain it.

Here you hear the terms summer and winter or probably more appropriately dry season and rainy or green season. High and low seasons are also often mentioned - adapted to tourism, defining the busiest time starting at Christmas and specifying the dry season.

The rainy season seems a less attractive time to many. Connoisseurs know that the green season can make a visit to Costa Rica even more appealing; it is cooler, the prices are reasonable, and everything is less crowded.

Periodically the weather phenomenon La Niña sets in, and we must adapt to changes. After this year's long and heavy rains, which again had a heavy toll on the Southern zone, we welcome the Costarrican spring and summer!

December to April is no longer exclusively dry, and in recent years there have been a few short rain showers even in these months. Nevertheless, the time of spring and summer is longed for by many - locals, business people, and tourists. The vegetation needs hours of sunshine, the soil needs to dry out again, and plants need the sun's rays to thrive in full bloom and give fruit. Not to forget, all animals - especially the little ones like hummingbirds or pollinators- will have it easier to do their essential work.

Hummingbird - Who Is up for Spring?

It was stunning to see how last year most plants developed with the onset of spring and summer. For example, we planted passion fruit in June and then Luffa/Loofah a little later. And with the end of the rainy season, hardly any rain, and many hours of sunshine, beautiful flowers developed within a short time and, subsequently, sumptuous fruits, some of which you could harvest quickly.

At the same time, as the dry season increases, you can observe how grass and plants - especially along the Costanera Highway - slowly turn brownish and how the dry soil gradually changes the vegetation. So enjoy some beautiful months with a lot of sunshine!

Passion Flower - Who Is up for Spring?

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