The Costa Ballena Lifeguards safe Lives every Day

The Costa Ballena Lifeguards save Lives every Day

AUTHOR: Brad Dean


Guardavidas de Costa Ballena Lifeguards is a Costa Rican non-profit association comprised of volunteers. Created as the first public-private partnership in Costa Rica, its purpose is to manage the funding of the lifeguard program in Dominical and Playa Hermosa de Uvita.

History of the Costa Ballena Lifesavers by Steve Fergus 

"The program was started in 1996 by Roy Gonzalez, Mike McGuiness, and myself after the destruction by Hurricane Cesar. Mike Witte came on board in 1998 with a large donation to get Matt Haley to come to Costa Rica and lead the lifeguard group. Richard and Diane Abraham were early supporters and started the 4th of July parties (Diane in the kitchen and Richard and I as Emcee) hosted at the Roca Verde. Mike kept the program afloat with generous donations until 2014, with me administering the program and gathering donations from local businesses."

Andrew Webster led the team of guards after Matt left. Luckily soon after, Brian Nice helped fund the Lifeguard Program. In 2018 Perry Gladstone created an Association for the lifeguards to receive partial funding from the Municipality, and Alvaro Cedeno became the lifeguard captain. The association needs volunteers to help with publicity, attending events, web design, and fundraising.


How You Can Help - Volunteer Opportunities

Deliver lunches donated by local restaurants in Uvita to the lifesaves in Playa Hermosa.

Volunteer in Playa Hermosa to roll out the walkways to the beach for the disabled at 10 a.m. and roll them back up at 4 p.m.

Organize and participate in a Youth Lifeguard / Fitness program.

Organize and participate in future fundraiser events.

Help to write grant proposals.

Help with our quarterly newsletter.



Without the support of the Costa Ballena community, there would not be a lifeguard program keeping our families safe in Dominical and Playa Hermosa. We need your help today for them to keep saving lives tomorrow.

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