Feed your Soul, Honor your Sun Sign

AUTHOR: Naïka Gabriel
PHOTO: Conecat
SUN SIGNS: Lara Klüter

Hello fellow readers! 

This article will focus on the Sun, the most prominent star in our solar system, and the astrology chart’s central focus. Our Sun is incredible, providing warmth that allows our crops to grow and thrive and nourishes our spirits. Astrology tells us how we express our energy and gives clues on how to nourish our souls. Have you ever met someone who seems listless, down, or without direction? Knowing more about our sun signs can be a remedy for alleviating these experiences and help us to honor who we are.

When we healthily express our sun sign, we shine without fear of outshining another. We confidently engage in the world with awareness and love for who we are, knowing that each expression (every sign) has particular traits and abilities that are equally valuable to the whole. We complement each other in our homes, workplaces, and communities. When we value ourselves, we appreciate those in our lives, their unique expression, and their view of the world, no matter how different they are from ours. It is a gift to be different and be ourselves. It takes time, bravery, and courage to embrace being our sun sign with its unique power, presence, innate gifts, and abilities.

Sun Sign - Photo by Conecat

I want to share some ideas on how you can connect with your sun sign and feed your Soul. You may identify with some or none of my suggestions. I invite you to try one and see what happens, even if none of my ideas resonate with you. Feel free to read for both your Sun and rising signs. 


Ways to feed your Sun Sign:

Aries: You are a warrior, and it is okay to accept help. Do not be afraid to lean on others. Be childlike. Do something active, and show off your leadership skills like rock climbing or horseback riding. Go to a carnival or music festival.

Taurus: You are the grounding force of the zodiac. Connect with your senses by connecting with the earth. Go on a nature walk. Adopt some plants. Go on a picnic. Listen to your favorite music. Prepare delicious food and drink, and take your time relishing it.

Gemini: You thrive on learning, connecting, and growing. Read the latest book or movie. Experience an escape room. Attend trivia night at your local bar. Explore a new town!

Cancer: You are here to help us connect with and honor our emotions while creating healthy boundaries. Take some time away from thinking of others and tend to your needs. Find a moment to get lost under the stars with people you trust. Light some candles, and enjoy some good homemade food and dessert. 

Leo: You are a beam of light and joy, celebrating that we are ALIVE! Put on your favorite outfit and enjoy the best spot in town with your favorite people. Share your knowledge fearlessly. Let go of what others think of you and think of what you admire about yourself. Then go dancing ??.

Virgo: You share the gifts of practicality, analysis, and kindness to the zodiac, appreciating good health and being of service to others. Enjoy doing a puzzle or creating some delicious treats to share with friends and colleagues. Put your amazing sense of style and good moves on your favorite dance floor. Go out into nature and be easy.

Libra: You bring the elements of harmony, ease, intellect, and beauty to all around you. Take some time for yourself and visit a museum or art gallery. Let your natural artistic side shine and learn the art of interior design and/or feng shui. Go to a nice restaurant or wine tasting.

Scorpio: You sprinkle mystery, loyalty, emotional depth, and allure into the mix. Go to a murder mystery dinner. Take a class that helps you connect with your sensual side, like burlesque, tango, or pole dancing. Create a spa day experience for yourself. Enjoy some good cocoa and company. 

Sagittarius: Light-heartedness, adventure, deep thinking, freedom, and connecting with people are second nature to you. Go on a spontaneous road trip, camping or hiking. Delve deeper into a subject you like. Create a list of fun activities, clear out a day and see how many you can enjoy. 

Capricorn: You are known for being charming, stable, easy-going, and ambitious with a goal in mind. Host a game night with fun snacks. Get a massage. Go wine tasting or learn how to make a gourmet meal. Enjoy a relaxing night with friends.

Aquarius: You march to the beat of your drum, looking for ways to honor and serve your community with your unique, forward-thinking ideas. Find an activity that brings out the kid in you, and do it! Take a class in painting or something out of the blue, like juggling. Go to your favorite farmers market and connect with your community. 

Pisces: The embodiment of all the signs, you go with the flow, see the magic in everyday life, and are incredibly perceptive. Find a body of water and swim in it! Make a bath for yourself with essential oils and sea salt. Enjoy a candlelit dinner. Take a walk along the beach and revel in the mystery of life.

Naïka Gabriel is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Writer, Project Manager, and amateur Herbalist. Since her thirteenth birthday, she has delved into the mystery and science of astrology and has sought to share its gifts and benefits. Naika is forever touched by the beauty of Uvita and the ease at which she can see the stars. 

I would love to hear about your experiences. Please share them. 

Your Ballena Astrologist, Naïka

Sun Signs
Sun Signs

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