Fòssięl: Petrified Art in Costa Rica

Author: Jamie O´Brian


Prehistoric is new again thanks to Boston-based Fòssięl Inc. The company has revolutionized New England’s interior design industry by introducing something rarely seen available – MILLIONS of years-old fossilized wood furniture and building materials. Fòssięl’s gallery is now officially open in the heart of Plaza Ventanas, Ojochal, Costa Rica! 

About Fòssięl Inc.: Fòssięl Inc. is a boutique trader and manufacturer of petrified wood and gives customers access to the highest-end petrified wood products on the market. From pedestal sinks to expansive bathtubs and floor/wall tiles to chairs, benches, and dining room tables and countertops, the company helps customers bring their vision of an ideal home to life through stunning raw materials and exemplary craftsmanship,

Discerning homeowners, designers, and architects searching for the perfect unique statements for their homes, commercial properties, or hospitality venues now have access to a material extraordinarily rare and never before available at commercial scale thanks to Fòssięl Inc. The company and its affiliates transform ancient, petrified wood into incredible one-of-a-kind home décor options and opportunities.

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“I’m happy to finally be able to commercialize my passion to market at a broad scale and bring this stunning, semi-precious material application,” explained Jamie O’Brien, the creative force behind the company. “Fòssięl will be offering products from countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, and Burma, as well as other nations, such as Madagascar and Brazil, and the United States. My material is between 20,000,000 and 280,000,000 years old.”

Petrified wood was once organic material – ancient, living trees. Over time, minerals slowly replaced the woody tissue in a process known as permineralization, perfectly preserving this once-organic material into fossilized stone. Incredibly beautiful, no two pieces are identical, and O’Brien brings out the material’s unique colors and rich textures through special production processes. The result? Incomparable and hyper-unique additions to the home. From one-of-a-kind countertops and sink basins to patio pavers older than the human species and dating back through the times of the dinosaurs.

Fòssięl offers home décor, furnishings, and even landscaping items crafted from petrified wood from the Miocene Epoch, Cenozoic - Mesozoic Eras, and Jurassic - Triassic Periods, transforming raw materials into dramatic home décor and accent pieces, stunning furnishings, and more. Fòssięl sells slices, slabs, and planks for customers with a more DIY attitude, wishing to create their customized furnishings.

To learn more about Fòssięl or explore the company’s home furnishings, accent pieces, and fossilized wood building materials, visit www.fossielinc.com or the new gallery at 13-14 Plaza Ventanas, Ojochal, Costa Rica.


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