Lamb Ribs in Mango Curry - by Mayron Q Peraza


Chef Mayron of nFusion@Villas Alturas Restaurant shares an easy-to-prepare recipe for the upcoming New Year's Eve parties.

Chef Mayron Q Peraza, aka Koko, is from the new generation that loves to create, merging Costa Rican recipes with international ones, always with fresh local ingredients, resulting in exquisite signature dishes. He studied Gastronomy and Nutrition at the Instituto Le Cordon Bleu Peru and the ANCH (Costa Rica National Chef Association). He has also studied various currents with the author of the book Vegan Gourmet by, Pedro Prabhu, and admires the professionalism of Randy Siles and Saúl Umaña.

Lamb Ribs in Mango Curry - by Mayron Q Peraza

Lamb ribs in mango curry

Ingredients to cook the lamb

One rack of the whole lamb
⅓ bunch of parsley
Two branches of rosemary cut.
½ fine onion
Eight finely chopped garlic
¼ cup olive oil
1 cup of white wine
1 cup of water
One tablespoon of salt


Clean the ribs and remove excess tissue and fat.

Mix everything except the ribs in a bowl.

Pour the brine into a container, add the ribs, and let stand for 4 hours in the refrigerator.

After 4 hours, preheat the oven to 130°C

Remove the rack of ribs from the brine, wrap it in aluminium foil, place it on a baking sheet and put another layer of aluminium on the tray so that the rack is well covered.

Bake for an hour and a half at 130°C. Remove the foil and bake over high heat for ten more minutes to brown.

For the mango curry:

One ripe mango cut into cubes without the peel.
400 ml of coconut milk
10ml coconut oil
Four tablespoons curry powder.
Three tablespoons of raw sugar.
½ tablespoon salt
¼ onion finely chopped
½ seedless Panamanian chili, finely chopped
Two finely chopped garlic.


Incorporate all the ingredients in the blender and reserve for when the rib is ready.

In a large skillet, place the sauce over low heat and the baked ribs and bathe with the sauce until thick.

Delicious to accompany with basmati or Jasmine rice, mini rosemary potatoes, or tomato salad with balsamic.

Good luck and happy holidays!

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