The silent ones have arrived

Author: Dagmar Reinhard


Let's do it! said Pilar Salazar, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Costa Ballena.

And with the collaboration of business people from Costa Ballena, the Somos Foundation, Rutas Eléctricas, and other associations, the first results were seen. They invited the "silent ones" who showed up at the Bahia/Uvita community hall in beautiful electric cars that are silent and help reduce gas emissions. This is a dominant factor in Costa Rica, a country that prides itself on using clean energy.

The guests came from the Central Valley, and after days of continuous rain, in Bahía, they were received with a radiant blue sky.

The purpose of the visit was to publicize the well-distributed battery chargers on the road along Costa Ballena: in hotels, restaurants, the medical center, the workshop specializing in electric cars, whose owner Johnny Marotto proclaims "we are more and more."

Ruta Electrica- Jaguar
Rutas Electricas- Cars

Don Eric Orlich Soley, president of ASOMOVE (Costa Rican Association of Electric Mobility), arrived in Bahia in a dream car. The charge of his battery covers a distance of 400 km; Mr. Eric affirms, "every year, the batteries will be cheaper since there are already alternative sources to lithium. He shares that there was an increase of 54% in the import of electric cars in the country compared to February 2021 ".

In Costa Ballena, electrical routes are being established consisting of outlets and semi-fast chargers labeled as charging points. These facilities to recharge the batteries and take advantage of the time enjoying tours, sightseeing and gastronomy of the area, are attracting tourism from San José and other parts of Costa Rica to the South Pacific.

In Uvita, there is an Electromechanical Automotive workshop, certified nationally and internationally in electric mobility. Their licensed electrician can install 240V residential home and retail outlet charging stations for 240V chargers.

The future has arrived in Costa Ballena! What do you think?

Rutas Electricas Team

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