The Moon, Part 1

The Moon, Part 1

AUTHOR: Naika Gabriel

Something subtle yet magical about the Moon makes us wonder and marvel at its presence. The Moon in astrology represents our emotions and how we process them, our ancestry and our past, the subconscious and deeper aspects of our psyche.

When we are in tune with the cycle of the Moon, we tend to flow with life, accepting that no two days can and will ever be the same. It passes through each zodiac sign every 2.5 days! 

The Moon reminds us to be fluid, easy, and perceptive and encourages us to have a little more fun. She invites us to play with life, struggles, and demands. She asks us to loosen our grip and to expand and contract freely, knowing there is always a center to return to. What is there to lose in doing so?

The Moon, like everything in our universe, earth, and ourselves, has a cycle, officially called moon phases. Each month we have a chance to reset, to get to know ourselves, our patterns, and our life story better. The chart below summarizes each phase and how best to connect with each to have a smoother, more meaningful month and life.


Moon Phases - What to Expect?

New Moon

This is a great time to “plant new seeds.” Reflect on what you would like to change or add to your life. Write them out, place your intentions somewhere safe, and watch them change and grow in the coming days.


First Quarter

Sometimes, challenges or new insights arise during this time. Move through any frustration or setbacks you might experience with gratitude for the opportunity to pause and consider a new way of moving forward.


Full Moon

This is a wonderful time to witness the culmination of what we “planted” around the new Moon, to see how much you have grown, and to release anything that no longer serves you. It is often called the “ending” or “culmination” period.


Last Quarter

During this time, we continue to let go of what no longer serves and adjust to the clarity and lightness we might feel as a result. Just in time to plant new intentions for the new moon.

half moon

In the next edition, we will explore the power of eclipses and the lunar nodes. As always, be well, and thank you for the opportunity to share.

Your Ballena Astrologist, Naïka

Naïka Gabriel is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Writer, Teacher, and amateur Herbalist. Naïka has studied astrology since she was 13 years old and earned her certificate in 2014 with the incredible Evolutionary Astrologer Kari Noren-Hoshal. Naïka is forever touched by the beauty of Uvita and the ease at which she can see the stars. To learn more, share questions or inquire about an astrology session, please send an email to:

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