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Dear readers,

The year 2023 has arrived, and life continues serenely in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. This summer, many of us enjoyed the spectacular full moon in January and the nights studded with stars.

According to Amanda Ellis (2023 World Predictions), this will be a year full of changes for which she advises: "Keep the strength, especially through the ionic vibration of the ocean-atmosphere and the energy of the jungle." 2023 is forecast as a great year, and it is about feelings, including some disappointment from time to time. Learn to deal with these challenging times. If there are ideas you need to share with the world, go ahead and create!

Digital Magazine 87, Canopy Hacienda Baru

Our paradise attracts more and more people who flee the daily life of the big cities to settle in this beautiful place experiencing significant urban growth.

Hundreds of native Costa Rican bird species live with us and others on their journey to warmer fields. We also enjoy exceptional fauna and flora, but this ecosystem is fragile.

We must protect it from continuing to enjoy the positive energy from the forest and the ocean. Dear reader, if you visit us or are already part of the Costa Ballena community, contribute your grain of sand to protect our forests, flora, fauna, rivers, and beaches from contamination.

Digital Magazine 88, Enjoy Osa Kayak Tour

In this issue #88, you will find articles about the phases of the moon and their influence on living beings. Our regular contributor Jack Ewing writes about a new species of bird inhabiting our place: the Blue Ibis. One of the German volunteers, collaborators of Ballena Tales, narrates her experience enjoying a fantastic kayak tour through the Térraba mangroves.

Digital Magazine 88, Coastal Challenge

In our community, there are inspiring and fascinating stories of neighbors. Ben Bodzak from We Sell Paradise has been participating in one of the toughest races in the world for many years: The Coastal Challenge. It will be 227 kilometers through the Costa Rican South Pacific jungles, long sandy beaches, mountains, and rivers. The Coastal Challenge is madness that every trail runner will never forget.

And then Boruca, with its New Year's Eve Dances of the Little Devils, had the most incredible display of masks, costumes, creativity, and joy.

Pura Vida!

Dagmar Reinhard, Editor Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide
Dagmar Reinhard, Editor
Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide

Free Digital Magazine in Costa Rica Ballena Tales #88 10

This was the last editorial written by our Founder and beloved Dagmar. Thank you very much for your voices of encouragement in these difficult circumstances. We are certainly dismayed by the event. It is a harsh void to fill, and all the support of friends and clients will be critical to continue moving forward.

Ballena Tales is an essential free digital magazine in Costa Rica, valid for travelers, residents, and investors covering Costa Ballena in the Canton of Osa in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. It is a fully bilingual, bi-monthly, and full-color digital magazine.

The magazine introduces the reader to the life of the local community, with interviews of pioneers, writers, and artists, as well as extensive information on restaurants, hotels, experiences, natural attractions, and wildlife of the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

massage Magic Hands Spa - masaje Magic Hands Spa.

Magic Hands Spa

In addition to the improvement in lifestyle that comes from living in an environment surrounded by nature, beaches, and friendly people, you can also enjoy a good massage offered by Magic Hands Spa.

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Mission: Saving Dogs and Cats 5

Mission: Saving Dogs and Cats

hanks to our volunteers, donors, and supporters, through the years, we have been able to help many dogs and cats in our Costa Ballena region with community outreach, spay-neuter clinics, rehabilitation, sheltering, and adoptions into loving homes.

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Why is there no MLS in Costa Rica?

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The Magic Moon and the Plants 9

The Magic Moon and the Plants

The moon is a mirror that reflects the sunlight which causes variations in the behavior of the plants. Farmers know that lunar phases influence the movement of plant sap, germination and growth.

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