Tilapia – La Cascada Discovering a Treasure

Tilapia - La Cascada Discovering a Treasure

Author: Dagmar Reinhard

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The Tilapia - La Cascada Restaurant is reinventing itself with a new Administration: The Juan Ulloa and Uvania Zúñiga team, both with extensive experience in hospitality, committed themselves to the challenge of making this enchanted place known. It is one of the last treasures sheltered in the forests of Vergel, a few kilometers from Ojochal. You have to cross a wooden bridge over a stream with transparent waters to get there. Adjacent to the river, you will soon reach the destination: Restaurant Tilapia - La Cascada.

We were warmly greeted by Juan, the new host, along with Uvania, who had rigorous training in creative cooking with Chef Marcella from the world-famous Citrus Restaurant in Ojochal. Marcella stands out for her talent for innovation, and Uvania had the opportunity to introduce herself to the art of cooking with this great chef.

Tilapia - La Cascada  Discovering a Treasure

Juan Ulloa, for years, was commissioned as the "mise en place" at the Heliconia Restaurant near Ojochal. The synergy of both talents is now enhancing this charming destination: Friendliness, smiles, good cuisine in a rural environment.

The atmosphere is magical, well-designed abundant vegetation as part of nature, fresh mountain water ponds with tilapias of different sizes, a beautiful waterfall with three-level wells, and the most incredible thing: the Tree of Life. According to the plate at its feet, this colossal Ceibo is 204 years old, the external roots are taller than five men, and its height is about 45 meters.

Absorbed in such beauty amidst the coolness of the mountains or immersed in a well of bubbling and refreshing waters, the stomach does remember that it is time for lunch! In the kitchen, there is a typical wood stove in use (like the ones used in Costa Rica many decades ago).

There are delicatessens such as the three-cheese tenderloin, the cutlet in apple sauce, snapper in spicy green sauce, ceviche, and shrimp. Of course, the whole crunchy Tilapia with a garnish of crispy patacones and salad will always occupy the first place in the new menu that the Tilapia - La Cascada Restaurant has just created.

Tilapia - La Cascada  Discovering a Treasure

The dishes are all fresh and beautifully decorated with edible flowers. They are served on the open terrace next to the tilapia ponds. The bar is well-stocked with beer and wine. Be sure to try the homemade kombucha! The river passes under the gallery while you will enjoy your delicious lunch, natural and of the day in the middle of nature. The innate friendliness of the local people will make you feel very welcome. Take advantage and disconnect for a day; there is no internet in the mountains, how delicious!


Reservations for Groups; two days before: 8-10 am – Whatsapp

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