herbalist Pérez Zeledón, China Kichà, Krauterkenner

The Herbalist from China Kichà

Albín Miguel Garro Sánchez is a native herbalist of the small town of China Kichà in the mountains of La Amistad, Pérez Zeledón. For generations, the family of twelve brothers cultivates the land of their farm. After an accident a […]

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la epicerie at Plaza Tangara, Una tienda de exquisiteces

A Delicatessen at Plaza Tangara

In Ojochal, at the new Plaza Tangara, they have opened a delicacies store: L’Épicerie. Chef Marcella, the owner of the business, explains: “We offer select products that you cannot find anywhere else.”

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ecoferia, dominical

Fridays: EcoFeria in Dominical

Every Friday, the EcoFeria takes place at the Patron`s restaurant. It is a space to get to know local farmers and produce and meet people from all over the world, who promoted eco-friendly and small businesses in the area.

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Remaining in balance

Practicing a lot of one particular sport can lead to muscle generation in the areas of frequent use, leaving other parts of your body left to compensate. For example, surfers build most of their muscle in the upper body, lacking relative leg strength. For cyclists, legs get most of the workout, and the opposite can occur.

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Pejibaye Spread Recipe

Pejibayes are one of the staples of nutrition in Costa Rica.
These iconic fruits from palm tree native of the wet zones have been regarded with amazing nutritional and health benefits.
They are full of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Each fruit also contains 2.6 grams (about a tenth of an ounce) of protein.

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