Were you there?

~ by Tony Johnson

Three Days of Peace and Music”:

An event some actually attended, and that many claimed to have been at, while most only saw the movie. Why all the nostalgia? Because Woodstock was THE music festival of the 60’s...maybe of all decades. 

Not to be outdone, Costa Ballena recently had its own version of that event “WOOFstock”, a fundraiser held by the local animal rescue foundation and shelter, D.A.W.G. It was “An afternoon of Bands, Barbecue, and Puppy Love.” No rain, no mud, and, as far as we can tell, no kids born shortly after named “Jimi”. About 150 residents enjoyed passionate music and mouthwatering eats, while their kids were outside the Roca Verde hugging puppies!

What could be more delightful, more “Peace and Loving” than children hugging, grooming, bathing, and playing with some of the cutest pups on God’s Green Earth? The Domestic Animal Welfare Group shelters, provides care, and finds homes for dozens of animals (cats and dogs) each year. Eight of those lovable friends became the featured attraction for our girls ages 3-15. 

Were you there? - Osa, Costa Ballena, Uvita - Ballena Tales Magazine

Creedence, The Who, Sly, The Grateful Dead, and Jefferson Airplane would have recognized the musical energy and skill of “Woof” performers: Shorty Hill and Friends, Kim and Nancy, and our own “Janis”, “Tina”, and “Cher” with her puppy ”Sunny”.

And the “Boogie Woogie Bugle Girls” brought a fresh vibe to a WWII classic. 

Shawnell and Tom Parker and numerous DAWGies, like Diane Abraham, spent weeks learning from musical festival history and asking «Do we have enough food, drinks, and parking to organize a joyous, exuberant event? Michael Witte, Roca Verde owner and local mensch, welcomed all with open arms, and enabled some of us to once again feel like «stardust golden» for a few hours.

Maybe you missed this one. And the original? The “Birth of the Counterculture” gave birth to a recent peaceful and loving event.

Be there next time. WOOF! WOOF!

INFO: Tony Johnson – DAWG – FB D.A.W.G.DomesticAnimalWelfareGroup/

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