Stam Café Ojochal

stam cafe ojochal

by Sandra Spreutels 

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In 2016, we decided to change our lives and leave our native Belgium behind to move to Ojochal in the south of this tropical paradise that is Costa Rica. First of all, we started looking for an activity to develop here. And of course, as good Belgians, what was more obvious than to carry in our bags a “national treasure” in order to make our beers known. In fact, Belgium is known all over the world for its exceptional beers and has more than 1500 references. Between Pils, Blanches (white) Double Ale, Triple Ale, Quadruple Ale, Trappists, Abbey, Gueuze and fruity beers, the choice is immense. In short, there is enough to please all palates.

Belgium is undoubtedly the Dorado of beer lovers. At the end of 2016, the country managed to get "the beer culture in Belgium" to be classified as intangible cultural heritage of humanity. On April 19, 2019, the Stam Café in Ojochal opened its doors and offers more than thirty Belgian references. The draft beers like Stella, Leffe, and Hoegaarden White are also part of our tasting offer. We are proud to help you discover all kinds of Belgian beers, all accompanied by delicious snacks with the seal of chef Marcella Marciano from the, next-door, gourmet restaurant Citrus.

stam cafe ojochal

The Stam Café is really innovative in the products it offers here, highly appreciated and still unknown by locals and visitors. It is the only Belgian beer bar in the whole country. What remains for you to do then? Come and discover our treasures in a friendly and welcoming environment. Our beers have traveled from afar and only want one thing: to seduce you!



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