South Pacific Costa Rica Magazine and Travel Guide, Issue #64

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Dear Readers,

It is pleasing to observe what is happening in our South Pacific, especially the development of eco-friendly tourism. The Single-Use Plastic Free Initiative was born in a small town in the Costa Ballena and is now in full development. The incentive was taken from here to the Environment Summit 2018 in Nairobi (Kenya), the perfect contribution since the UN was celebrating the Year of Clean Oceans. Other nations are joining the action to eliminate single-use plastics, and the tourism sector has been embracing this proposal in a special way.

February 28 - March 3, 2019 - Envision Uvita
An Event free of Single-Use Plastic.
Envision is collaborating with the “Cleaning Osa” initiative. The team started the task on January 12, 2019 at Colonia Beach (page 52.) The microplastic is becoming a challenge that threatens the food chain and can destroy the environment.
After cleaning and living with nature along our beautiful beaches, Envision invites participants to 4 days of Pure Life fun. Visitors from all over the world will greatly enjoy the event. The beachfront sunrise celebration is an unforgettable experience for this great gathering of people of all nationalities, ages, and creeds. This event includes drums, dancing, and yogis.

Fires on a beach (page 19)? Were you aware?
In Dominical, the main street was paved, eliminating summer dust and the potholes in the rainy season (page 40). In town, a new generation of dancers and actors is being formed (page 34).
Why not buy green asparagus at the Feria de Uvita and prepare them according to the recipe on page 82? An excellent idea for eliminating these kilos acquired during the holidays. Visit the Ferias in Tinamaste, Dominical and the Mercado in Bahia, as well!

We welcome our new customers on board and wish all of you a lot of success for your initiatives in the evergreen region of a thousand opportunities!

Dagmar Reinhard, Editor Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide
Dagmar Reinhard, Editor
Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide

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The May Tree

The May tree (Vochysia ferruginea), also called Botarmetersred sand, barbaleche, cuaruba or cenescudo, is a perennial species. They are trees that reach 30 to 50, in height. Its flowers are very flamboyant, they have a calyx with 5 reddish-orange lobes, one in the shape of an elongated and curved spur, and 3 petals of 1 centimeter,and bright yellow color.

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South Pacific Costa Rica Magazine and Travel Guide, Editorial Issue #67

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Big Cats in Ojochal

Nights in Ojochal are Full of Life!

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Medios de comunicación local - local matters

Local Matters

Local publications and media play a key role in communities by helping us to see and care about things we may have missed or not paid much attention to. No mass media is going to take the time to report on a local incident, social event, business opening or fundraiser and, if they do arrive for a story, they won’t have the background or time to understand the people involved and how it truly impacts the community.

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