Drugs and Love

By Shawnell Parker – Director DAWG

A Winning Combination,

One day, a nice lady was driving down the Costanera and saw a little white blob. The pup was unconscious, hairless, and breathing very shallowly. Frijolita appeared to be on death’s door.

She was suffering from parasites and tick disease, fever, diarrhea and mange. Two months later, she went into foster care. Frijolita is now a furry, healthy bundle of joy that has been adopted by her foster mom, and is living in Canada.DAWG Volunteers

Dr. Fernando responded to an emergency call and encountered several sick dogs and a litter of six critical puppies. Despite intensive treatment, the puppies died one by one over the next weeks because the call came too late. Except for Amber.

When her last sister Alisha died, an autopsy showed fluid around her heart so Fernando checked Amber for the same condition.

Fluid was removed from her heart twice, and she is growing and happy with continued medication and intensive foster mommy care.

Bubbles and Taboo and their three brothers were thrown out at the beach in a plastic bag at the age of three weeks.

Although the boys became healthy, happy, and well adjusted; Bubbles and Taboo were permanently imprinted from the terror of early abuse and ran from any potential adopters.

They were in foster for a year before being adopted by volunteers.

These are just three of 716 DAWG stories.

Please consider donating love by fostering or volunteering, and leave the drugs to the doc.

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