bonsai uvita guardavidas, Costa Ballena

Costa Ballena: Jungle Bonsai

When you think of Bonsai, you probably imagine a small pine or conifer, with a gorgeously twisted and gnarled trunk, and windswept branches or maybe a Japanese maple with red leaves, majestically rendered in miniature. The truth is that just about any shrub or tree with a woody stem can be used in the art […]

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Despertando la verdadera visión Awakening the True Mission

Education: Awakening the True Mission

“As parents, teachers, mentors, or families and community members, we often want our children/students to develop an awareness of themselves and those around them. How do our children have a sense of their worlds as well as a sense of their place in the environment and the community that surrounds them”? Alys Robinson thought in […]

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Parque Nacional Piedras Blancas Piedras Blancas National Park white stone

Nature: Piedras Blancas National Park

The Piedras Blancas National Park (PNPB) is one of the most recently created protected areas and one of the least visited in Costa Rica. It protects both continental (14,147 ha) and maritime (1,200 ha) area. It was created in 1991 (Executive Decree No. 23153-MIRENEM) to protect the last remnant of tropical rain forest in Golfito […]

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Golfo Dulce y los Delfines Golfo Dulce and the Dolphins

Golfo Dulce and the Dolphins

The Golfo Dulce is a small gulf, enclosed by land ropes. It is a tropical fjord of Costa Rica located on the southern coast of the country, in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. On the south side it borders the Osa canton and to the north with Golfito. This gulf is home for several […]

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Andrew Shahan KABE

Kabe academy forging bilingual innovators and critical thinkers

The changes in our exponentially technological world are so rapid that they require constant growth. In the innovative, bilingual academy in Uvita, your child will develop love and commitment to the curriculum, complemented by practical periods in contact with nature and the Tico and international community. They will learn the real world skills necessary for […]

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Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica feels like home. For me, it is the focus on family, the sense of community, warmth of the people and the beauty of the land. It is also the meaningful friendships we have made here with people from all over the world. I began to wonder, why do other expats come here? To […]

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