Perry Gladstone: Super Stoked!

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Each of us has a unique superpower, a particular way we see and respond to things that pique our interest and make things happen in our world. It’s the thing we cannot help but do when called to action, the way we’re wired. The great thing about our superpower is that it’s available to us regardless of our chosen pastime, profession or where we are in the world. For example, when we are challenged with joining a new community or place. Even without knowing the rules and how things work we find a way to integrate, find our people and create opportunity for ourselves and our community.

My superpower is strategic vision. Where other people see complication, barriers and  distraction, I see opportunity, lessons and alignment; how to cut through the crap, connect the dots and create something unique. It’s why I work as a facilitator, coach and advisor and why I always end up supporting community development. Of course we’re not super all the time. Everyday responsibilities and chores obscure or dull our feelings of super-ness and our ability to call on it. The remedy is inspiration and it’s up to us to recognize it.

Growing up in Toronto, skateboarding was my greatest passion. My heroes were southern California skaters and surfers. I longed for a life like theirs by the ocean. Finally, at the age of sixteen, I rode my first wave on vacation in Hawaii. True inspiration is an emotional experience. An impression on the very part of you that believes who you are. The moment I rode that wave, surfing became a part of my life. It still is.

The most successful people I know are constantly finding the inspiration to build their life’s activities around their superpower. Not only does it allow them to do and be their best, it creates a sense of fulfillment and confidence we cannot find any other way.


By Perry Gladstone

CONTACT: Perry Gladstone: asesor profesional y cofundador de la Fundación SOMOS, SafeBeach, la Asociación de Salvavidas y presidente de la Cámara de Turismo y Comercio de Costa Ballena (CACOBA). / Professional advisor and co-founder of the SOMOS foundation, SafeBeach the Southern Lifeguard Association and serves as President of the Costa Ballena Chamber of Tourism and Commerce (CACOBA).

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