D.A.W.G. is Love

~ by Shawnell Parker

You show your dog love in many ways. You feed him, walk and play with him, groom and tickle him and act like a complete, shameless fool to amuse him. You sleep with him and give way too many treats; you cook for him and buy him silly collars, leashes and toys, but how does your dog show he loves you?

You like to be hug your dog but he doesn't really like to be hugged.

He leans on you to give you a dog hug; try leaning back. Have you ever been sad (we hope not) and your dog comes to your side? It is showing love and empathy. Your dog wants to sleep with you because you are his loving pack. If that is not the rule in your house, try lying on the floor with him. He brings you his slobbered-on toy not just to get you to play but to share his favorite possession.

D.A.W.G. is Love - Osa, Uvita, Costa Ballena, Dominical - Ballena Tales

Your dog always wants to be with you; he never needs “alone” time.

So he follows you everywhere and yes those kisses are genuine signs of affection although they can be caused by the leftover hamburger on your breath. Jumping and roughhousing are signs of playfulness and joy, but they may not always be appreciated. Your dog smiles; look at how relaxed his face and ears are. He gazes deep into your eyes.

Research shows that he also may raise his left eyebrow when greeting you.

This facial expression of love is controlled by the emotional right side of the brain. Try returning the favor. Not easy is it? Sometimes called the love hormone or cuddle chemical, Oxytocin is released in humans and also dogs when they experience love. Playing with your dog can release this hormone.

Ask any volunteer why they do what they do and they will tell you it is  out of love. D.A.W.G. is Love; get addicted with us.

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