The Highs of the Low Season (May-November)

The Highs of the Low Seasonby Trevor Brown

Take advantage of the low season

To most people the terms “low season” and “rainy season” are not very attractive. Sure, I enjoy a blue sky day, but I love this season as well for the fact that it is “low” and “rainy.” Here is why you should too.

Visitors confirm that they are still impressed by the endless virgin beaches in this surfing paradise, the opportunity for whale watching the proximity of the mountains, nature, and the very friendly people. If you are ready for a break, traveling in Costa Rica is relatively cheap during the low season. Many hotels and national airlines have “low season rates” offering a 20-50% discount. Not only are the travel and lodging accommodations cheaper, less tourism also allows for last minute reservations.

During these months, it is also a great chance to enjoy your favorite local bars and restaurants. Now is the time to eat out! Lines, reservations or waiting for a table is not something you’ll find in the wet season. In countries that receive a lot of precipitation, the term “rainy season” can come across negative. However, on much of the planet water is scarce, and people suffer through droughts. Here on the Ballena Coast we are fortunate enough to have clean drinking water. While the majority of Latin American countries have to buy bottled H2O, we can safely drink it from the tap via town aqueducts or private well systems. Embrace the fact that we live in a lush jungle with tropical temperatures and enjoy the magnificent downpours and thunderstorms! Surging rivers bring new life to the previously dry and thirsty jungle.

Let the sound of rain symbolize new life, growth and abundance!

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