Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids in Costa Rica

Author: Cate Gilmour

My name is Cate Gilmour. I was born in the Philippines, raised in Dubai, and lived the big city lifestyle in Hong Kong and Singapore before moving to Costa Rica 7 years ago. Our family loves to travel & explore new places, meet new people, try international cuisine, and learn different cultures and languages. I live in the Quepos/ Manuel Antonio area and run a Sport Fishing business at the Marina Pez Vela. We have two young children; Oliver is 5 & Ria is 9; the kids love their lives here in Costa Rica with all the excellent family adventures this country offers.

Raising our kids in this beautiful environment on the Pacific Coast close to the beach, nature, animals and the jungle is beyond what we could have imagined back in those days when we lived our fast-paced City lifestyles and held corporate jobs. We are truly grateful to live in Costa Rica and raise our children in such a peaceful environment.

Before having kids, my partner and I went backpacking for 15 months where we saw so many incredible, stunning, eye opening, and even heart-breaking situations during our journey around the world.

Traveling has given us freedom. It has made us independent, taught us confidence, helped boost our kid’s development and self-awareness, and allowed us to think outside the box, solve problems, and adapt to changing situations whilst in foreign lands.

I always believe that Travel will help expand a kid’s world, making them truly global citizens and helping make them more empathetic towards racial and cultural differences.

When we are not traveling to other countries, we love to check out the various regions of Costa Rica.

We love visiting San Jose for a ‘city fix’ every few months; we love living at the beach but appreciate it even more when we leave for a long weekend and head to the city where our kids can check out different museums, national parks, volcanoes, indoor activities, and sample many of the wonderful food options San Jose has to offer.

We love the abundance of wildlife around Costa Rica, the wild and stunning beaches of Guanacaste & the Caribbean region, the hot springs and the volcanoes in mountainous regions such as Arenal at La Fortuna and exploring the Cloud Forest of Monteverde. Each of these destinations and the many more that I have not mentioned, make Costa Rica a unique place to visit and explore with kids.

If you have not been to Costa Rica and it’s your first time Traveling with Kids, we always advise you to do your research, plan well in advance, keep an open mind, and enjoy the slow pace of Costa Rica. There is a famous word used in Costa Rica mainly in the Coastal area: ' Pura Vida’, which translates to everything, thank you, you’re welcome, happy to see you, relax, enjoy, etc. Use it whenever, and you will discover new friends and beautiful people around Costa Rica.

Wherever you base yourself in your next vacation in Costa Rica, you can always find something to do with your family and kids, whether it be hiking the rainforests, chasing waterfalls & hanging bridges, zip lining, horseback riding, wildlife tours, surfing, sailing, sportfishing and more.

So go out there and travel more with your kids, explore new places, and discover new things. Make it a priority to create beautiful memories and adventures in your life; with that, I bid you happy travels!

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