The Power of Intuition

The Power of Intuition

Author: Karolina Magdalena, aka Molecule of Happiness

I trust myself. I listen to my heart. I have a gut feeling. Our intuition hides behind different words. Its language expands to many other forms present in our daily lives, e.g., lyrics of songs that we suddenly like, same-colored butterflies flying around for quite some time (check their symbolism), unexplained resistance towards a reasonable decision, and repetitive dreams.

Based on my experience, intuition is something bigger than science assumes: the ability to understand something immediately without needing conscious reasoning. It is the higher intelligence connected to our hearts, helping us with quick decisions and conclusions and constantly guiding us with thousands of little clues toward the happiest life.

While our rational mind always helps us to survive, our intuitive part is designed to make us thrive. It sounds nice, but how does one tune into that thriving path? While no reliable pattern for connecting with intuition works for everyone, my first suggestion would be to slow down. Intuition works fast; however, sensing it requires time.

You need to slow down, whether just one big breath or spending more time in nature. Stop for one deep breath during your day. Is there a feeling, thought, or something symbolic in your surroundings that asks to be noticed? Go for a longer walk. After calming down all your thoughts and not using your phone, what do you see the most while looking around? Does it have any symbolic meaning to your heart?

My second suggestion would be to learn the language of your intuition from your own body. Problems with your shoulders or spine? Perhaps you carry too much responsibility, and it needs to change. Problems with your stomach or your guts? Maybe a situation in your life is “indigestible,” and solving it can’t wait anymore. Problems with your skin? Perhaps you feel invisible among those you care about, and it’s time to be heard. It’s all connected⁠—your intuition, heart, body, mind. They speak the same language. Can you translate it into the next steps that you should take to feel happier in your life?

The Power of Intuition

Finally, building a connection with your intuition is a lot about trust. When you immediately feel that something is right, go for it. When you strongly feel something is wrong, deny it even if circumstances show otherwise. Risk it. Observe what happens. Check how reliable that deep feeling coming from your gut is. There is no other way around but to allow intuition to prove its good influence over your life.

Slow down to notice it. Learn to understand it. Give it a chance to earn your trust. Three small steps to start. Will you use that incredible gift to live your life in a  way that makes your heart thrive? It’s time.

I also invite you to benefit from my intuitive work in the form of beautiful card readings (Tarot, Tarot inspired by crystals, Herbal Astrology) that aim at providing you with unique guidance to feel peaceful and fully enjoy all aspects of your life (relationships, family, friendships, health, finance, work, etc.). Possible in person and digitally for any topic important to you right now.

The Power of Intuition

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