Young Hands

Young Hands - How to keep them soft and sleek

~ by Dr. Mónica Alfaro

How to keep them soft and sleek

Like the face, hands are an important part of the body that might cause a good or bad first impression. They are a very visible area that require care to look good. We not only talking about the length of the nails and their care, but rather the skin, its hydration, moisturizing and elasticity.

As we age, we lose firmness and volume of both the bones and soft tissues throughout the body. The skin of our hands becomes thin, dry, wrinkled and stained. That not only affects our appearance, but the loss of volume blood vessels and tendons become more visible and prominent. Therefore, to maintain your youthful hands, we must take care of ourselves, eating a balanced diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables, with enough protein and adequate water intake. Moisturizing your hands constantly, as well as protecting them from exposure to the sun is of great importance. 

Young Hands - How to keep them soft and sleek

Dr. Mónica Alfaro

In addition, there are treatments that can be performed that greatly improve the appearance of the hands. Chemical peeling and fractional dermabrasion procedures renew the skin. One of the most popular treatments for rejuvenating hands is the dermal filler. Traditionally performed with hyaluronic acid, however, more recently it is performed with autologous fat from the patient's own body. This fat not only rejuvenates the skin but also gives volume and minimizes the appearance of tendons and blood vessels. 

It is a one hundred percent natural treatment, so it there is no way of causing allergies or major problems to the patient. Without problem it can be done at the doctor´s office and does not require much recovery time. This treatment is also performed on the cheeks, naso-labial grooves and other areas of the face, both in men and women of practically of any age. 

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