Yoga Philosophy ~ Part V

by Pilar Salazar

The Eight Limbs

Yoga was never meant to be a one-hour workout. It was – and is – a path; it’s a 24-hour practice and a way to experience life. The space we take to work on the physical aspect of yoga has the intention of liberating the body from all the accumulated stress and calm our minds.

That way, we can be healthier, have more stamina, an open heart and steady mind, which help us to ease through the day, facing challenges with softness and compassion. 

 Yoga Philosophy ~ Part V - Uvita, Bahia Ballena, Osa - Ballena Tales

The 8 limbs are philosophy principles to use as guidance to move around our daily lives with easiness.

The first limb is the ‘Yamas” (or observances):

Ahimsa” encourages us to be non-violent and treat every living creature with respect and compassion.

Satya” means being truthful to who we are and what we believe in, and being honest in our actions and words.

What I like about these two principles together is that they are helpful tools to discriminate when we are speaking our own truth and when it is just our opinion and our emotions talking.

Asteya” means non-stealing and not taking what doesn’t belong to us in every aspect of our lives.

Brahmacharya” talks about controlling our impulses, a great way to avoid excess and create balance in our lives, including not overeating, avoid talking too much, drinking too much, and falling into addictive patterns.

Finally, “Aparigraha” urges us to let go on what is not meant for us, not to accumulate possessions, and keep our lives as simple as possible. 

In a practical way, the Yamas are an invitation towards living a more peaceful and simpler life, keeping a good relationship with the people around us, and not investing precious time and energy into what will cause damage to ourselves or others.

And that’s how we can continue our practice of yoga in our daily lives.

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