Yoga Philosophy ~ Part IV ~ Hatha Yoga

Yoga Philosophy ~ Part IV ~ Hatha Yoga

~ by Pilar Salazar

In my last article, I discussed the branches of yoga that differ from the practice as we know it today.

Now, I would like to focus on an area that is similar to what we know: Hatha Yoga. This concept refers to a system of body postures (asanas) combined with controlled breathing (pranayama). From this, multiple Yoga styles of physical exercises derive; for instance, Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vini-Yoga, Kundalini, among others.

I started my practice as a young woman who had doubts and questions. Even though I was fascinated with yoga from the beginning, I still questioned the relation between these body postures and their link to spirituality. I have found many answers to this question; in short, practicing these postures systematically and intelligently produces a state of peace and relaxation in our bodies and minds.

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This helps us to cope with our daily hectic lives, which, in the long term, make us change our decisions, actions, and our fate. Yoga philosophy states that our bodies have a memory that carries our past experiences, thoughts, emotions, and stress. Therefore, the “asanas” seek to allow us to release our burden, so we can travel light in the journey that our lives are; we can also feel much better and be more honest and compassionate.

The practice of yoga strengthens our bodies, and teaches us that mental limits are more powerful than the physical ones.

As we break such limits, we contemplate life from a much spiritual level.

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