Yoga and Living Sustainably

Yoga and Living Sustainably Yoga y vivir sosteniblemente

Patanjali (known as the father of yoga) proposed a “code of conduct” for those in the pursuit of spiritual growth. This system is known as the E ight Limbs of Yoga. The first limb is called: the Yamas. Basically, they are recommendations that outline a way of life, which leads to spiritual progress for everyone. If we want to follow a “yoga path” these are as important as the “Asanas” and meditation. Having said this, if we want to really call ourselves yoga practitioners and follow the Yamas, by default we should develop a sense of care and respect for mother nature and manifest it in our actions. So, how can apply the Yamas as a way to live more sustainably? well, here’s a few examples:

We can practice Ahimnsa (non-violence) by choosing products and companies that manufacture their offer in a responsible way: avoiding child labor, unfair working conditions, animal exploitation or unnecessary pollution and environmental damage. Or Satya (Truthfulness), by being honest with ourselves and learning to differentiate what we really need from what we desire, this way we might be able to avoid consumerism. Asteya (non-stealing), reminds us to not take what we do not do not need from others and nature. Combined with Bramacharya (moderation) they can help us to have a more simple life and be conscious about our consumption patterns and not to over use nature’s resources (or pollute them) just for immediate unnecessary gratification.

Finally there’s Aparigraha (non-possessiveness). We have fallen for the biggest lie ever told; that we own this world with all its resources, and that we can do whatever we want with it. Well, I guess Global Warming is proving this belief wrong. The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth. I guess the more we understand it and the more we un-attach from that possessive line of thought, we will develop a more nature friendly way of life. Perhaps when we realize there is no need to possess things and that sharing feels good, we will find that social system where every one is treated well and with respect.

By Pilar Salazar Lopez

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