Yarly, we are proud of you!

yarly-marinWhile you keep your eye on your goals, no obstacle or challenge will come in your way. Analyze what your goals are and when they become clear clear, move towards them. Do not expect to find ideal circumstances, nor the best opportunity to fulfill your dreams, start with what you have and give your finest effort. No one knows ones’ own strength until their limits have been tested.

Yarly Marín is twenty-three-years old; she lives in Ojochal, and is currently studying Physiotherapy in San José.

las-4-ganadoras-para-la-portadaShe was crowned Miss World Costa Rica 2013 and will compete with beauty representatives of 120 different countries during the Miss World event scheduled to take place in Indonesia this coming September. Her shiny career started with her participation in Miss Costa Ballena in 2009. Subsequently, she was elected Miss Tourism Osa in 2010.

Last year, she participated in Miss Costa Rica where she won the title of Miss Tourism, which allowed her to represent her country at the Miss Tourism International in Malaysia.

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