~ by Kurandenk (Huella del Jaguar / The Jaguar’s footprint)

People from Boruca have many beliefs, and the stories, legends, and myths are part of our lives. 

Among such beliefs, there is the respect for nature. We know that water, air, and the forest have their owners. When our ancestors went out looking for wood, went hunting, or searched for medicinal plants to cure illnesses, they explored the area to find the best spot to ask permission to the owner of the mountain. It is a spirit named Yabasujkra, which manifests itself in various ways; for instance, when the trees speak and the rivers and brooks rise even without rain. 

Also, when wild animals behave as if they were domesticated, or when it gets cloudy and rainy are signs of Yabasujkra’s close presence.

It is a mysterious and kind being, who is in charge of protecting trees, plants, and animals; however, it gets ill-tempered with whoever destroys or obliterates nature. 

YABASUJKRA - Osa, Uvita, Costa Ballena, Pacifico Sur - Ballena Tales

Our older generations and people who have come face to face with it tell us that this spirit cannot be seen or touched, but can be felt. They say it has a human-like shape, and at the same time is jungle or a silhouette in the foliage. Non-indigenous people who are frequently in contact with nature also acknowledge that this being is the owner of the mountain, and their description fits that of Yabasujkra’s; it has lived since nature exists.

This force protects the environment, and shows us that we do not own the mountains, rivers, or hills; instead, we have to take care of them.

The message is clear: It is the duty of humans to protect, care for, conserve, replant, and restore nature.

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