White faced monkey: Research concluded!

Investigación concluída Research concluded Mono Cara Blanca white faced monkey

Alice is a fifty-five-year-old French lady who has traveled a lot in the company of her husband. When they visited Costa Rica it was “love at first sight.” To be sure that it was not a vacation love, they came back several times. “This is where I want to live!” Said Alice after two days in Ojochal. Then they returned to France to prepare their relocation. In April, they rented a house on Quetzal Street and met other neighbors of the French-speaking community. However, whenever possible, they communicated in Spanish.

While her husband was engaged in gardening, Alice got bored. Of course, she could watch the beautiful nature, birds, a mountain and its waterfalls. In the past she felt that she resembled the character of Miss Marple in France. Do you remember this ungovernable little grandmother created by Agatha Christie who messes with everything and everyone, trying to discover criminals? Cunning like her mentor, Alice observes all things...

One day, about five o’clock in the morning, she woke up with a boom as if something had fallen from the ceiling ... Her husband reassured her and said that it is was the wood of the house he that he had been working on. But Alice is convinced that she heard something. Would it be a ghost? A thief? A murderer? You have to investigate it! Then, she decided to get to the bottom of the matter. The next morning sitting in an armchair, facing the open window, she waited patiently. Suddenly, at five o’clock, she saw a cute white faced monkey with a strange behavior. Standing, he scrutinized the smoked glass that reflected his image. “Mirror - mirror... tell me who is more handsome?”

Without answering his own question and imagining that he was dealing with a rival, he threw himself against the window with all his strength. Boom! Then, very surprised and proud as a prince, without having seen Alice, he moved away... Research concluded! 

By Alice

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