When I Grow Up!

~ by Shawnell Parker

I heard a puppy and a kitten having a conversation the other day. “When I grow up, I want to run really fast with the big dogs and bark really loud instead of squeaking like a puppy.” “Why on earth would you want to run fast? And bark? Who wants to listen to that noise? I want to pounce gracefully and purr”, said kitty

When I Grow Up!

When I Grow Up!

“Bowing, sitting up, rolling over are much cuter, and chasing a ball is great exercise.” “Humph!, chasing a ball is so pointless; chasing nothing is so much more mysterious, and stretching is more elegant, like yoga”. “Oh yeah? Well what about being able to lift my leg and pee pee on stuff?” “Oh right, that’s really dignified; how about learning to cover up your mess?” 

“I can protect my people and my house and stuff, bet you can’t do that!” “Well, I guess you have a point there; nobody really believes those ‘protected by guardian cat’ signs.”

“I can give sloppy kisses and bring my people stuff too.” “And I can sit in their laps and let them pet me; it makes them feel good’” “And they like to brag about how cute we are, and how clever and entertaining we are, too.”

“They are really proud of us when we get along with each other.” “Especially when we curl up together, right?” “Yeah, they love that.” “And we really do like each other, don’t we?” “Of course we do, even though we are different.” “Maybe especially because we are different.” “Sure, we are each other’s ying and yang.”

 “Who are they?”, asked the dog. “Oh geez, you are such a puppy!” 

“Well, we better get back to working on getting adopted; maybe we will be able to grow up together.”

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