Massimo Capra’s insignia is his great mustache. However, he didn’t reach his fame thanks to this notable feature. Massimo Capra is one of the most celebrated chefs in Canada, where he has been working and living since 1982. His renowned restaurant Capra’s kitchen in Mississauga, Ontario, opened in 2016 and offers innovative Italian cuisine with recipes created by Massimo himself. Besides having his own restaurant, Massimo has spent the last ten years building up licensed restaurants in places like Niagara Falls or Doha in Qatar and trained their chefs.

Cooking Chef

Born in Soresina, Italy, his mother had high food quality standards, trained his palate, and planted his love for cooking. One might know the saying: “Eat to live,” while in Massimo’s opinion, Italians, and his family in particular, “live to eat.” After finishing school, Massimo studied at a trade school for three years and started his career in the kitchens of some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Italy.

Eager to look for new horizons, Massimo moved to Canada at the beginning of the ‘80s and opened several authentic Italian restaurants in Toronto.


Soon he became one of the most acclaimed chefs in Toronto. Following, one opportunity after another arose, having a significant influence on Massimo and his life. He was a host of his show Gourmet Escapes and the hit series Restaurant Makeover on the Food Network together with British chef Gordon Ramsey.

He also participated as a judge in several TV shows in Canada and the United States, such as Chopped Canada, City TV Cityline, and the newly started series Wall of Chefs.

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