What to eat?

what to eat, qué comer

By Corey Walker

What to eat? Possibly, this was the first spoken question because of its intimate connection to survival.

   It may have been shortened due to immediate hunger and lack of sentence structure, becoming “Eat,” or it may have only been gestured with accompanying grunts and pointing, but it was surely one of the first human needs addressed to signify that a society had been formed.

    The question “what to eat” has been an enduring one, and one that has shaped the course of human history and human health. Currently, large portions of humanity have begun to experience “the western diseases”: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc. And so, “What to eat?” becomes extremely relevant indeed.

   Throughout the long history of men and women eating together, a bond has been created with those foods that grow from a healthy earth. Any food brought to the table was a product of laboring with the land, and the closeness people had with the world around them ensured nutritious and life enhancing food. [/one_half]

   When people live in balance with natural resources, nature becomes the garden from which numerous and distinct cultures across the planet may feed themselves in all sorts of diverse environments.

     As we have grown away from the land, individually and as a society, we have found ourselves in a crisis of “food” availability.

     So please,

Grow your own fruits and vegetables, and enjoy them. Support your local organic market and become part of the community.

  Be grateful and sharing; there will always be enough of what you need.

BALLENA TALES NOTE: Food, health & exercise influence your body condition. Costa Ballena is an utterly fertile region, as the large number of Fincas down here shows. Many of them are run by expats who have turned their back on the “industrial world” and now want to find back to the roots, growing their own fruits and vegetables; mostly organically, and often even using the cultivation method of our grandfathers, called permaculture.

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