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What has the Art of the Diquís in common with Michelangelo’s David?

By Dagmar Reinhard

Osa Sculture - #costaballenalovers #ballenatales #magazine #issue38 4Saúl Mora Morales is 33 years old; he studied Visual Arts and Communication at the Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica. He is a sculptor, ceramist, painter, and designer, during his 16 years of experience; he has created thousands of drawings and sculptures.

For the last four years, he has been devoted to research the historical legacy of his people in order to bring to life a unique project: a monument of great proportions representing the chief of OcvSa, mythical animals, and the spheres combined in a masterful composition. He spent considerable time in many museums studying the pre-Columbian art and European schools with the purpose of finding out their similarities (see the photo of a pre-Columbian BriBri figure of the 15th century and the statue of David, the Renaissance sculpture created by Michelangelo.)Osa Sculture - #costaballenalovers #ballenatales #magazine #issue38
Saul has been working with experts on the lytic edge and anthropologists in order to express his eclectic art (featuring a variety of sources and styles).

The project was approved under the scientific, ethnological, artistic, linguistic, and spiritual public criteria, subsequently; several models were presented to the Municipality.
Osa Sculture - #costaballenalovers #ballenatales #magazine #issue38 3The material Saul will be using is the gabbro stone, the one used in the spheres 500 years ago.
The great monument will be an expression of contemporary art in Costa Rica.


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