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AUTHOR: Ing. Róger Valverde Avila - Compania RVA Ingenieria y Construccion

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One of the advantages of our company in the canton of Osa is the immense natural beauty that surrounds us, and that presents different microclimates and ecosystems, having mountains, oceans, beaches, National Parks, and the longest coastline of the coast with approximately 200 km in length. This is fundamental to understand: for the most part, our clients come with the idea of ​​carrying out a sustainable project with the environment.

They want to have nature around them, advantages of natural light, recyclable energy such as hot water through solar panels, or a photovoltaic system for electrical energy. Everything is possible thanks to the constant energy we have from the sun. Mountain winds, creating cross ventilation, abundant rivers, and flat, regular and irregular topographies, make the architecture changeable like the area itself.

Virtual Market supporting rural entrepreneurship

Through the years I have managed to understand how location, rotation, and cross ventilation can help us have better conditions for our clients' projects. This has helped me understand that a person's real estate, when wanting to build his house, is something very precious, so it is vitally important that everything is done correctly.

Taking this principle into account, many times our offer may seem high, but considering the future, it will be the most economical, since within our considerations is to use quality materials, water control, and study of soil conditions, the slope of the property, in addition to the optimal use of resources.

We have a commitment to details, which in the end is what the client sees, and trying to make the construction efficient in the use of materials, to avoid waste or at least do it as little as possible environmental impact, and to become an organization that generates value in sustainability, constantly innovating with better construction techniques, more efficient processes, and less waste.

The transmission of value is fundamentally important, with honesty, commitment and responsibility being a triangle of trust towards the client, which in summary is the integrity of the company and its continuous improvement of internal processes.
Thus, the study of our environment is of utmost importance, so the contacts with the Municipalities, Hardware Stores, Associations, and other institutions, in addition to the constant demographic and economic study, distinguish us to be the differentiation in the Market based on better costs, quality and innovation. Building without destroying is the watchword.

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