Vitamin C Megadosis

Vitamin C Megadosis Megadosis de Vitamina C cancer

The hypothesis of the use of vitamin C for cancer treatment arose for the first time in the 50s. This therapy with high doses of intravenous vitamin C, came to be revealed at the end of the 70s by distinguished doctors who began to study and use it. Scientists observed that the treatment with intravenous vitamin C of patients in terminal phase, followed by an oral supplementation, achieved survival times four times greater than those not treated with this vitamin. From then on, most research focused on cancer treatment with high doses of intravenous Vitamin C.

Vitamin C (ascorbate, ascorbic acid) is an organic acid derived from sugar. Being soluble in water it is transported by the blood and is found in all cells of the body, any excess being excreted without causing damage. It can be consumed orally (food, vitamin supplements) or intravenously, which is the fastest way to obtain higher concentrations in the blood. High doses cannot be consumed orally due to the undesired gastric effects and their absorption may be less effective.

This nutrient is found in foods such as citrus fruits, papayas, peppers, broccoli, guava and strawberries. They protect the cells against oxidation and the damage of free radicals, the tissues lining the internal organs, skin and eyes, the negative effects of the ingestion of unhealthy products, either by poor diet, consumption of chemical substances, alcohol or against environmental effects such as pollution and direct sunlight. On the other hand, Ascorbic Acid participates in the organic function of collagen production and, therefore, in the strengthening of nails, hair and rapid healing of wounds. As well it results in the better functioning of the immune system, which protects the body from viruses, infections and various diseases and the absorption of iron, are also related to the consumption of vitamin C.

By Dr. Mauricio Esquivel

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